The Best Home Fitness Programs for Whipping Yourself into Shape

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At-home fitness programs can be a good alternative to joining a gym. You don’t have to worry about commuting or feeling self-conscious about working out in public. There are, however, so many different fitness programs and devices on the market, how do you choose?

You need to find a solution that’s consistent with your fitness goals and budget. With this in mind, the following are some excellent options for people who want to get into shape right in their own homes.

Get a Cardio Machine

There are undeniable health benefits to doing cardio workouts consistently. This can be anything from running to biking to working out on a treadmill. The advantage to having your own cardio machine, which could be a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machine, is that it can be used in any type of weather. Machines are often safer than running on pavement. For the ultimate workout, you can combine cardio with free weights or a strength building machine.

High Intensity at Home Workouts

With the popularity of CrossFit, more and more people are trying high intensity workouts. Some of these require equipment, while others utilize only body weight exercises. You can find these programs on DVD or access them online.

Some of the most popular are by the BeachBody empire, and include P90X, PiYo, FocusT25, and Insanity. There are also a variety of “boot camp” style workouts. All of these programs will definitely challenge you and push you to your limits and beyond. The one drawback to such programs is that you need a great deal of self-discipline to work out at such high intensity without a trainer there to motivate you.

Get a Strength Building Machine

If your goal is to get stronger and get better muscle tone, you could get some free weights. However, if you want to be able to do a wide range of exercises, similar to what you could do at a fitness center, you should consider a multipurpose machine such as the Weider Pro 6900 Weight System (eligible for Discountrue coupons).

This type of unit lets you do many exercises, including chest press, arm curls, leg press, chest flies and many others. With this type of machine, you’ll be able to create your own custom workout.

Yoga and Tai Chi

If you’re seeking gentler, low-impact-type workouts, both yoga and tai chi are excellent options. These can be good for gaining flexibility and strength while also learning healthy breathing techniques.

While you can take classes, you can also find many instructional DVDs and online videos that can teach you the basic moves. The only piece of equipment you might need is a yoga mat. You could also take a few classes and then practice at home.

There are many different styles of yoga. If you’re just starting, stay away from Power Yoga as it is pretty intense and will keep you sweating. Start with Iyengar or basic Hatha to learn proper alignment before working your way up to more intense practices.

These are some of your best options for at home workouts. Between exercise machines and home courses, you have many different choices. The above workouts are not mutually exclusive either; it’s often best to combine different styles of exercise, such as weight training, cardio and yoga.


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