The Scientific Power of Meditation

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Meditation has been practiced throughout history, but the exact origin of meditation is a matter of some controversy amongst scholars. Some of the earliest written records of meditation date as early as 1500 BCE. As meditation has evolved over the ages, so has our understanding of it.

While meditation has traditionally been associated with Eastern mysticism, science is beginning to show a regular meditation practice can have a major impact on our brain and our health.

A study published last year in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews suggests meditation practitioners have structural changes in areas of the default mode network that are not present in non-meditation practitioners. The same study also found there is reduced activation of the default mode network in long-term practitioners.

This video from ASAPScience explains some of the scientific benefits of meditation in just 3 minutes. If meditation isn’t part of your daily life, watch this video, and give meditation a try. You might be amazed.


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