This is the #GlobalMeditationScope: 120 Meditation Leaders. 24 hours.

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Global Meditation Scope is right around the corner!

I’m so excited to announce I am part of the Global Meditation Scope tomorrow on Periscope!
The Global Meditation Scope is 24 hours of free meditations on Periscope. At any point on Saturday – in any timezone – you can tune into free meditation on Periscope using the #GlobalMeditationScope hashtag.
Periscope is quickly becoming the hottest social network, and is the place to be if you are a yoga teacher, wellness coach, or meditation leader. Periscope is a new live streaming mobile app. Periscope allows you to connect to people around the world using streaming video in real time. Periscope is changing the game for yogis.
Developed by Anita Wing Lee last week, the #GlobalMeditationScope is the union of Periscopers all around the world coming together for free meditation. The goal is to raise energy levels around the world, and increase relaxation and happiness. I’m so honoured to be part of this amazing movement as I’m one of 120 meditation coaches who is leading a guided meditation. Join me at 4pm ET/3pm CT.
Once you’ve downloaded Periscope, join our founder Ysmay Walsh (username: @YsmayWalsh) for regular meditation and yoga scopes. Follow Ysmay on Periscope @YsmayWalsh and on Twitter @YsmayWalsh to get notified when my meditation and yoga broadcasts go live!
To get started on Periscope, download the app for iOS or Android. Then join me tomorrow for #GlobalMeditationScope!


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