Top 3 reasons why you should drink more water

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Drinking Water

I decided to make water a serious priority in my life a year ago in an effort to feel better, and to be healthier.

Drinking more water is something I have always struggled with. I never liked the taste as a kid, and I think in some ways I have been living in a state of chronic dehydration, even though the skin pinch test indicated otherwise.

I have a rare health disorder, and one of the side effects is that I am constantly thirsty. Ask anybody who knows me; I always have at least one beverage within arm’s reach, but only in the past year have those beverages been more often water and less often coffee or soda.

It was hard to get started, and it is hard to stick to it. Any time I would crave something else, particularly coffee or beer, my water intake would decline. I saw drinking more water as a chore and a burden instead of a necessary aspect of being a healthy and happy woman.

Benefits of Drinking More Water

Water is a big deal, and while it isn’t going to cure all your ailments, getting more water is going to have some serious benefits. After all, we all know water is essential in controlling body temperature, moving nutrients, and aiding digestion.

Here are my top three reasons for getting more H2O:

1) Water keeps you looking young

Water is an essential component to looking the best you can. When we are dehydrated it shows in our skin. Fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent because the skin isn’t as supple as it should be.

2) Water increases your brain power

Water carries oxygen and delivers it to your cells, including your brain, which is 90% water. Studies show when you drink more water (not soda or coffee!) your reaction time, visual memory, and verbal recognition memory all increase. Some researches believe this is because you are no longer distracted by the need for water. This means you’ll do more things faster and with more accuracy.

3) Water makes you happier

Next time you’re upset try drinking a glass of water. Studies show when you are dehydrated you become tense, sad, and confused. Even 1.5 percent decrease in water in your body can cause these side effects, which are particularly felt by women who are generally more aware of their emotions than men.

What are your top reasons for drinking more water? Health? Beauty? Brain power? Let me know in the comments.


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