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Remember when your elementary school teacher asked you to write an essay on “what you did on your summer vacation?”

According to a just released survey conducted by Spafinder Wellness 365 Research, an increasing number of North Americans would like to answer, “It was healthy…and it changed my life.”

  • According to the survey of over 1,000 consumers conducted in June 2014, 62% of respondents say that they would like to take a vacation where healthy activities were the primary purpose of the trip, and one in five report they have already taken a wellness-oriented vacation.
  • An overwhelming majority (96%) of those who have taken a health-focused vacation claim that it impacted their life in a positive way.
  • And while many think “healthy” primarily relates to the physical body, respondents report that the top benefits for them were mental.

76% say health-focused trips reduced stress and anxiety
75% report they “helped me mentally: resulted in more positive mood, motivation”
69% felt more rested
35% say they helped them lose weight/get fit
34% say they helped begin/kick-start a healthier lifestyle

Healthy change is easier in a new setting

Four in five of the respondents also report that when they are in a new environment, outside of their daily routine, they find it is easier to make healthy changes in their lives.

Survey takers ranked which activities were most important to them during a wellness-focused getaway: healthy meals (70%), outdoor and nature experiences (58%), fitness activities and classes (56%), yoga (43%), mindfulness and meditation (41%), nutrition and weight loss programs (40%), healthy living classes, such as cooking classes, 38% and healthy sleep programs and amenities (32%).

Most appealing destinations for healthy vacations

North American survey takers also reported on what they consider the most appealing places to take a healthy vacation. Interestingly, although respondents had a wide world of potential locations to choose from, the top three choices were in their own “backyard.” And given the top domestic and global results, swimming and beach access would seem to be key to consumer perceptions of what constitutes a healthy vacation.

Top Three Destinations

Hawaii (64%)
Western U.S. (California, Arizona, etc., 64%)
Caribbean (62%)

Top Global Destinations

Italy (41%)
Australia (33%)
Bali/Indonesia (30%)
New Zealand (28%)
Mexico (28%)

“The fact is that summer vacation is the only real vacation, outside of standard holidays, that most North Americans get to enjoy, so how they spend it is becoming increasingly important,” said Spafinder Wellness 365™ Chief Brand Officer Mia Kyricos. “Our job is to make it easy for people to add healthy experiences to their lives every day by offering destinations, tips and special offers at thousands of locations worldwide.”

According to a study released by the Washington Center for Economic and Policy Research, North America is the most vacation-starved region in the world. Canada ranks third from last in paid vacation time given to workers, and the U.S. ranks last. is the only website that offers consumers over 20,000 curated wellness options, including five-star resorts, yoga and fitness programs and destination spa locations. It is designed to make it simple for travelers to find the healthy options that work best for them.


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