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Losing weight means being discipline, eating right, and getting enough exercise. But all too often, for the sake of our wellness, we have to do it, no matter how hard it is. The rhythm of modern life doesn’t leave too much time for training and exercising. You don’t have the time to do it, but even if you had, you are too exhausted to do anything once you get home. That sort of exercising doesn’t really do much good, it only exhausts you further and it is much more probable that you will hurt yourself in the process.

Sound familiar?

Given that you spend the most of your time in the office, you have to figure out some sort of way to shed those pounds while you are at your office desk. The math and the biology agree on one thing, you need to spend 3500 kcal in order to lose one kilo of your extra weight. You do it by eating less and spending more. Here is how to do those two things.

Bad Habits

We all have them. However, some of them are more dangerous to our waistline than others. You already know that you will have to ditch all those sweeteners and candies that you like to take in order to keep working without stopping for a proper lunch. Also, you definitely need to stop buying energy drinks as they are packed with sugars. Forget about the elevators, trying to get everything you need in only one walk and the like. Use every chance possible to walk. Use the stairs, walk to your colleague rather than calling them up or writing them an email in the same building.

Good Habits

Before everything else, your good habits should keep you healthy. This also means that you need to reduce stress because you will lose weight more easily if you stay stress free. Good habits mean getting enough rest, eating right and getting all the movement that you need. Be the one that gets up first and fetches coffee for everybody. If you have a lunch break, walk to the park to eat your lunch.

Eating Habits at Work

You can move all you like if you are about to be on a candy diet. There is only one way you can be sure that you are eating properly and that is to bring your own food at work. Take an extra hour to prepare for work and make sure to bring your healthy lunch box full of lean meat, whole grain food and lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Workplace Exercises

Of course, it could be a little weird if you got up and started doing exercises at your desk. On the other hand, you could work in a very fitness-oriented office (in which case you’re probably rocking the office-friendly yoga pant). Either way, there are some things that you can do while you are working.

While sitting, you can do leg extensions. Bend both of your knees and straighten them both up, tightening your quads. After every ten repetitions, hold them tight for 10 seconds. Quads are the biggest muscles at your body. Exercising them spends a lot of energy.

Also, you can clench your buttocks while sitting and releasing the clench. Your gluteus maximus will be grateful and your fat will start melting away.

In order to reduce stress, you can do exercises that involve circling your shoulders forward and backward, and circling your head, stretching out your neck. You could also take a few minutes out of your day to meditate. Meditation is great for reducing stress, and when stress starts to go, so does the fat.

Every couple hours, stand up, and do a forward fold. This yoga pose increases the blood flow to your head. Move from forward fold into downward dog, and stretch out the backs of your legs.

Holding your muscles clenched is called isometrics. You can do it with all muscles in your body and it makes for makes excellent exercise.

Daily Office Routines

Everybody, and every office, has their different routines. We all have certain things that need to be done at work, and usually yoga isn’t one of them. Some of them can be done by not leaving the desk, and some of them can be done in person as well as via computer.

You need to alter all the habits that you can in a way that they allow you to move more. You should take several trips to do something that can be done in one trip. Make sure that you move, move, and move some more.

All these things take only a little bit of concentration and a little bit more effort that quickly turns into a set of healthy habits that shred that weight down.

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