Life in Healthcare: How to Handle Everyday Stress in the Medical Field

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Handling stress in the medical field

Healthcare work is one of the most rewarding careers. You get to know patients personally and work with them to correct their health and heal them. It takes a lot of dedication to get a degree in nursing or even a doctorate.

Even simply getting an online BSN degree takes a lot of time and hard work, but the career is usually worth the effort. But even in the most laid-back healthcare work, most experience heightened levels of stress. Along with helping patients to feel their best, you have to tend to life-changing situations and sometimes make decisions that can impact a person for years to come. Finding a good balance between the stress of your job and your personal life is often difficult. How can you deal with daily stress in the field?

What is stress, really?

Stress is that overwhelming feeling that you get when faced with more than you can take. Usually, the majority of us are able to dismiss it without many ill effects. But what does it do to your body, especially in a career that demands you to be as calm as possible, can be hard to cope with.

Physical Effects

Stress has many physical effects on the body. It can cause tension throughout your neck and shoulders, fatigue, and more. It can often lead to migraines, which are a result of tensing muscles. They start as light headaches, which quickly escalate to severe migraines. Most healthcare professionals complain of constant headaches, but probably just pop a pill to dull the pain.

Psychological Effects

When you force your body systems to adapt to stress, it could lead to depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. The telltales are emotional outbursts and even suicidal thoughts.

How to Manage Stress

As a healthcare provider, your days are going to be filled with situations that will heighten your stress levels. The sooner you find a way to cope with and channel your stress, the more effective you will be in your career. Coping mechanisms that you could incorporate into your day include:


Do you ever take the time to be perfectly still? The answer is probably no. Too many things need your attention to waste a few precious moments in an awkward sitting position. However, 15 minutes of quiet could help you focus your mind and reboot your systems. Meditation helps you to let go of the old habits and to embrace new patterns. It can give you a sense of peace.


An hour of yoga a day not only helps you to achieve a bikini body, but also revitalizes the mind. The breathing and stretching provides a way to release tension and working your body this way can help give you more energy for the day ahead.


This is the ideal exercise for your hectic schedule. You can shave half an hour off your work time and get into the pool for a good swim. Regular exercise helps you sleep better as well as releases tension in your body.


Forget comfort food and junk you want to, but know you shouldn’t indulge in. Green leafy vegetables are chlorophyll-filled, a compound which is known to relieve stress. Try to avoid caffeine and excess sugar as they add to your stress.


At the end of the day (or your shift), it is imperative that you get sufficient rest. A good snooze is especially important for your mental and physical well-being.

Working in healthcare is no walk in the park. There are many challenges you’ll have to face every day and knowing how to deal with your daily stress will give you the boost you need. Use these tips to get a balance between your career

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