Meet the world’s first floating yoga mat

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Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga is all the rage right now with expert SUP Yoga teachers like Dashama travelling the world to teach SUP Yoga. SUP Yoga is yoga done on a paddleboard in a pool or in the ocean. Since the paddleboard is unstable it requires engaging your core, and is significantly more challenging than yoga on a stable base. Your whole core works harder to keep you on the paddleboard and not in the water.

Til now practising yoga on the water has been limited to standup paddleboards, but thanks to the WaterMat Company, a new floatable yoga mat is hitting the market.

The Yoga WaterMat has a core of cross link polyethylene foam that is heat laminated (no glue) to a blue poly mesh material on the top and bottom that is both durable and great in the water. The mat is stitched 360 degrees around the edges with marine thread to bind the top to the bottom.

Each corner has a grommet that can be used as a tie down point depending on where your use your Yoga WaterMat. The kit also includes a 12 ft strap with a snap hook attached to secure your Yoga WaterMat for practice. And with every Yoga WaterMat, you receive 90 minutes of world class yoga instruction on the water. At 84″ long by 36″ wide and 3.25″ thick, the Yoga WaterMat is weight-rated up to 175lbs.

“There are 20,000,000 individuals just in America that practice Yoga. We would like to introduce them to practicing yoga on the water on a Yoga WaterMat.” said Bob Pole, one of the principle owners of the WaterMat Company.

The WaterMat Company is so committed to this task that they’ve even enlisted the internationally accredited yoga and SUP yoga teacher Christelle Chopard. Christelle is a universally celebrated instructor that has taught in over twenty-five various countries.

“Practicing yoga on a floating surface requires the highest level of concentration, balance, core strength and mindfulness in each asana,” explains Christelle. “Imagine my excitement when I tested the new Yoga WaterMat for the first time! Half the length of most paddle-boards and buoyant enough to support 170 pounds, it is the perfect option to practice yoga in any large pool whether at a resort, hotel or at your own residence.”

And that is exactly what the Yoga WaterMat has been working to accomplish. By completely removing the many hindrances associated with other outlets of yoga in the water such as paddle board yoga, the Yoga WaterMat is streamlining the art of practicing on the water.

What do you think? Would you try one out? Let me know in the comments.

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