5 Healthy Benefits of Green Tea That You Probably Didn’t Know

Originally published 19 May 2017 A lot can be said for Chinese medicine and their use of natural remedies to maintain health and wellness. What is just now being discovered is that there are some other, but just as important, benefits of green tea that can be key to living a long and healthy life. […]

What it means to be a mountain

Originally published 12 November 2016. Updated 4 May 2020. The most important step toward becoming a mountain is to close the books that others have written and read only those texts imprinted upon rock and ice or in the forests and streams that cascade from above. In Mountains of the Mind, climber and historian, Robert […]

How to Create a Zen Meditation Space in Your Home

Imagine spending time in a room that helps you relax and soothe your mind. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? This is the idea behind having a personal Zen meditation space in your home. It’s something that can steer you away from stressful thoughts and stabilize your...

Top Culinary Herbs for Vegans to Grow (Plus 20 recipes)

Culinary herbs don’t have to be dried, expensive, or hard to find. You can grow culinary herbs at home in your dining room, kichen, or even laundry room.

Recipe: Sesame Ginger Collard Greens

Turn out, I really like collard greens. Which, if I'm being perfectly honest, comes as a bit of a surprise. I've heard of collard greens, but I've never had them. Every time I've seen them on a menu somewhere they were cooked with bacon or chicken broth. As a vegan,...

5 Best Essential Oils for Detoxing 

Although the body is equipped to filter out natural mild toxins, there are many toxins in the modern world that lead to serious health problems over time.

8 Reasons Why You Should Get a FitBit

A lot of my friends have FitBits, and there were a few weeks where seemingly every update I saw on Facebook was someone talking about how much they love their FitBit. But….I was still on the fence. I wasn’t sure I needed it, and I wasn’t sure if I should spend the money. Then my […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Pre and Post-Workout Routines

Doing an appropriate workout that is in harmony with our abilities, readiness, and preferences is very important – it’s what makes positive results visible and helps our overall health

Detox With These Naturally Detoxing Foods

If you’re looking for foods to detoxify your body, good news — you have plenty of options. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stick with bland foods or gross-tasting drinks to get the bad toxins out of your body. There are dozens of natural foods that naturally detoxify your body, and they’re all available at the grocery store or your local farmers’ market.

5 All-Natural Tips for Relieving Everyday Stress

Whether it’s money, work or politics, it seems as though everyone in America is stressed about something. All that tension and anxiety has a way of weighing us down, both mentally and physically. Because stress remains ever-present in our lives, it can be hard to get rid of the feeling that we’re overwhelmed.

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12 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

The holidays are fun and exciting, especially when you take the time to pay the full richness of your life forward. There are as many ways to give back this holiday season as there are gifts lining the shelves of your local retailer. Small kindnesses go a long way, and you never know the power […]

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5 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that thrives in dry climates and has been used medicinally and cosmetically for centuries. It is packed full of vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene which give it incredible anti-aging and nourishing properties. Ancient Egyptians called aloe vera the ‘plant of immortality’ due to its many healing properties and skincare benefits. […]

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Seven Tips to Mindful Eating Practice

By Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT Many people use food to nourish themselves when what they are really hungry for is other forms of nourishment. What if we were living a life where we felt well-nourished emotionally, intellectually, physically, psychologically, spiritually, socially, and creatively? What if we were mindfully present to receive, experience, plan for, […]

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How to Deal with a Chronic Condition When You Don’t Live Near a Hospital

A chronic condition, lasting longer than six months, can be very frustrating to live with. These conditions can include illness, osteoporosis, pain, arthritis, heart issues, diabetes, and many others. Chronic conditions affect your quality of life and can affect your family’s as well. If, because of a chronic condition, a person cannot participate in the […]

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What to Do If You Know Someone Who Struggles with Mental Health Issues

There’s a certain stigma that comes along with mental health issues. It’s completely unnecessary and totally unfair. When people deal with physical issues like cancer, the flu or high cholesterol, they’re handled with care. When people deal with mental health issues, they’re ridiculed and pushed aside. However, mental health is a very real issue that […]

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Have Physical Pain? 4 Ways to Speed-up the Rehab Process

Whether you are experiencing physical pain due to injury or illness, you are tired of how slowly the process is moving. While you don’t want to hurt yourself, you can take some steps to speed up the process as long as you are doing so under a doctor’s supervision. Make a Professional Plan When you […]

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