The Weight of Addiction: 4 Signs Your Loved One Is Trapped In Substance Abuse

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One of the most difficult challenges as a parent or friend is to suspect substance abuse with someone you love.

It can often be easy to deny an addiction that you’re loved one is suffering from, but noticing the signs can allow you to offer your help. When it comes to situations like this it is always better to say something.

That way you can step in, make a difference, and maybe even save a life. Substance abuse is a very serious concern and can be deadly. If you know someone who suffers from an addiction like this make sure to seek help as soon as you can. You are also going to want to try to catch it as soon as you can. To determine if a family member or friend is trapped in substance abuse, there are a few signs to look for.

Change in Behavior

Addiction often causes a change in behavior that can include irritability, lethargy, and a change in priorities. You may also notice that the individual is suffering from financial problems or is asking for money. They may also be caught stealing from family members or friends as they attempt to get money to maintain their addiction.

Suspicious behaviors like this are definitely a great way to catch your loved ones in the midst of addiction. Just make sure that you are always observant. You may even want to ask others that you are close to if they think your loved one has been acting strange. That way you can get a lot of different insights.

Poor Work Performance

Those who abuse drugs or alcohol often begin to develop problems at work, which can include showing up late or not completing certain tasks.

They may have had disciplinary action in recent months or are at risk of losing their job due to poor work performance. Although they may have once enjoyed going to work, they may have a disinterest in their position and a lack of energy for working.

This is basically just a trend to watch for. It can either happen suddenly or over a longer period of time. If the one you love used to love work but suddenly is slacking, chances are there is probably something up.

Physical Health Issues

After a period of time, substance abuse can lead to several different physical health issues. You may find your loved one passed out on a frequent basis or have difficulty understanding their speech.

They may also have decreased coordination or a slow reaction time. It’s important to suggest professional help from someone with a Master’s in social work to assist them with regaining their life and breaking the addiction to prevent it from escalating.

Seeking help is essential when it comes to things like this because the risks are too high. There are so many different health problems that can come with addiction and they can even be serious. Luckily, there are tons of trained professionals out there that can help get your loved ones back on track and get them the medical care and attention they need.

Neglected Appearance

One of the most common signs of addiction for many people is having a change in their appearance. They may look weak or frail with their figure or they may no longer do their hair or wear make-up each day.

Addicts are known to have a sudden lack of interest in clothes or beauty. Those who are addicted to drugs also lose a significant amount of weight or suffer from a lack of volume with their facial features. When people are addicted their appearance can change significantly.

They may even smell of their addiction. It is essential that you watch out for things like this to try to figure out if they really are addicted. However, although warning signs like this can seem obvious you still have to make sure that you are observant and watching out for any possible signs.

Although your loved one may deny having a problem with drugs or alcohol, there are a few tell-tale signs to look for when you spend time with the individual.

By noticing a change in their habits or behavior, you can help them to obtain professional help and counsel before the addiction increases in severity. By taking the time to be observant and notice all of the different warning signs you can really end up making a difference in the lives of the ones you love.

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