10 Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

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Whether you are new to Yoga or have been practicing it for a while, it is easy to fall into bad habits. Thankfully there are those who have been successfully practicing Yoga for many years are often a good source of tips you can use to boost your skills. We have talked to a number of yoga experts and as a result of our conversations have put together this series of tips to improve and enhance your yoga practice.

1. Consistency Pays

It is all well and good saying you are going to practice a set number of times each week on specific days. This would be the ideal situation and as long as you manage to put together a realistic schedule tends to work very well. The problem is that so many of us create an unrealistic schedule that our lives simply won’t let work. Take the time to create a schedule that starts with a few classes or practices each week and adjust it upwards as you can.

2. Choose the Right Yoga Studio

If you are going to a studio to practice yoga, it is vital to your success that you find the right one. Before you make your choice, you should spend a fair amount of time visiting the different studios in your area. Meet with the staff, try different classes, and learn what you can from the different instructors. By doing this you should find one that meets or exceeds your needs and desires, one you will look forward to visiting on a regular basis.

3. Know Your Body’s Limits

Does your body have enough flexibility to allow you to bring your nose down to touch your knee when you are doing a Standing Forward Bend? Not everyone’s body is as flexible as others. You must work within your body’s limits or you risk disappointment and injury. You should never try to compare your efforts with anyone else as they may be more or less flexible than you are. The most important thing to remember when performing yoga asanas is that your body needs to remain stable and that you should be comfortable at all times.

4. Take the Time to Breathe

One of the most important aspects of yoga is to learn how to breathe properly. If you are not breathing properly, your yoga practice is likely to be shorter than you would like and less productive. Ujjayi breathing involves taking long deep breaths that will help you become more relaxed and in turn allow you to hold your posture for longer times. By focusing on your breathing, you will find that you are able to stretch further, helping you to achieve the desired results.

5. Try Not to Be Too Hard on Yourself

Far too many of us spend more time worrying about how well we are doing something than about how well we are doing it. Yoga practice is not and has never been about being the best at it, it is about being able to do the asanas to the best of your ability. If you are too hard on yourself, you may soon find that you become discouraged. This, in turn, can lead to your giving up on something that will have far-reaching effects on your overall health and happiness. No one gets the asanas right at first, it takes time, effort, and patience, but you will find the results well worth it.

6. The Right Attitude Makes a Difference

There is such a thing as the “Yoga Attitude”, one that you will benefit from learning and practicing at all times when you are doing your yoga practice. During the time, you are performing your postures, use the proper breathing techniques as doing so links your breath and body together in harmony with each other. Pay attention to the way the different stretches link your mind and body together. When you bring your breathing, mind, and body into total harmony with each other, you will be able to further deepen your yoga practice and achieve new levels of relaxation and joy.

7. Meditation Can Help

Many people use their yoga practice and asanas as a way to help them relax and to meditate. At the same time, practicing meditation can help you relax and prepare for your yoga asanas. Meditation involves regulating your breathing and learning to completely clear your mind of the constant stream of clutter that most of us deal with on a daily basis. When you achieve this through meditation, it will allow you to focus more intently on your asanas and achieve even greater results. You can find meditation guides online, in classes (maybe in the studio you choose), and in some Buddhist temples.

8. Respect Your Yoga Practice

While it might not seem so at first, the practice of yoga is not just another form of exercise for your body. It is a combination of physical and mental exercise that lets you form a much deeper connection between your mind and body. It also lets you form deeper connections with others. You should always respect and honor your practice.

9. Buy a Mat

Performing your yoga asanas on a carpet or hard floor surface is not only uncomfortable but in many cases, can be dangerous. Imagine what might happen if you are in the middle of a particularly complicated posture and one of your feet slips out from under you. It is easy to see how injuries occur. A good quality yoga mat is the perfect way to prevent this as they are designed to be non-slip, even when covered with sweat. If you go to a gym with your own mat, you have the pleasure of knowing you are the only one who will ever work out on it.

10. Make Yoga a Part of Your Life

If all you ever do is go to the studio for your yoga practice and leave what you have learned behind when you walk out the door, you are missing out on so much. When it comes to yoga practice, you need to learn it, live it, and love it, every waking hour of every day. If you can learn to stabilize yourself and work your way through a painful asana, then surely you can use what you have learned when you encounter a particularly painful situation in the rest of your life. Yoga is a way of life, not just another exercise program.

You should learn to practice yoga under the tutelage of a trained teacher. Before getting started, you may want to talk to your doctor and ensure that you are healthy enough for this type of strenuous exercise. Namaste!

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