6 Reasons To Practice Bikram Hot Yoga Daily

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6 Reasons to do Bikram Daily

Publisher’s Note: Bikram/Hot Yoga is not for everybody. If you are post-natal, pregnant, or might be pregnant; or if you just have any questions about the safety of doing yoga in a hot room, you should talk to your doctor before taking any Bikram/Hot Yoga practice.

When I first stepped into my first yoga class, it was at a Bikram Yoga studio. I laid down my mat and towels and noticed how quickly my cold water bottle had gain sweat on the outside.

The heat quickly made my arms bead with sweat and my face glisten. Only during a Bikram class do you sweat before the workout begins.

I started the different poses and left the class feeling like a brand new person. I was more energized, ready to take on more challenges, more ready for everything. The yoga studio started to offer a 30-day yoga challenge. Attend a Bikram class a day for a month, and you’ll receive a discounted price.

They told their members about the health benefits it would release all of your toxins, have more energy for day to day activities, and all of that sweating does wonders for your skin.

There are six reasons as to why everyone should practice Bikram for their stamina alone.

1. Running

It is common for a runner to participate in Bikram to help them with building strength and stamina for running. Those who participate in long-distance running benefit from Bikram the most due to the mental and physical challenges it gives your mind and body.

When you participate in running, Bikram also assists with breathing techniques. You breathe in and out of your nose to keep your heart rate down when doing yoga. This technique is something you can bring to your running so you will not tire out as quickly.

2. Heat is good for the skin

Heat is known to reduce stress and release endorphins. What you may not know is that heat also increases circulation in skin to improve its appearance. That means less facial wrinkles if you participate in hot yoga, and there is also evidence to suggest Bikram Yoga can be good for stretch marks.

3. Heat can be good for Mental Health

The heat will give your skin a glow, but it also helps improve tolerance towards the heat. Your body can take on more challenges the more you participate in the activity.

Many first timers have a strong urge to escape the room during their first class. Some studios may allow it, but the one I participated in said if you leave you’re done with the class.

This is the only way to get your body and your mind comfortable with the heat. It is easier during some classes than others, but if your mind can take the heat, then your body quickly follows.

4. Build Strength

The heat and humidity help your muscles become more flexible and limber. You are still working them but with more ease. Everyday tasks become easier because of this. You can carry more groceries in the house at a time, mow the lawn and not feel tired afterward and clean the house in a day. Your back and knees will be feeling great in the morning too!

5. Focus

With the heat, you will learn to live with the sweat dripping down your face and off your nose and chin and still be able to focus rather than needing to wipe up the mess. You can concentrate more outside of class because of this. Tasks will be easier to handle, and you will not be as tired afterward either. Also, if you become pregnant while practicing Bikram, most doctors will allow you to practice still. It can be good for the joints and muscles and water weight. Also, many report that it helped with morning sickness.

6. Dancing

With your spine alignment improvement and stamina, you can dance and enjoy yourself more. This is just one of many fun activities you will be able to enjoy with regular Bikram practice. Aging will not affect your joint health, but improve it.

There are many more tips and reason to practice hot yoga daily. Hot yoga gives you the natural way of losing weight and to stay in shape, increase. It helps with stamina and so much more. Try out all the athletes in a safe way, walk out if it reaches the peak of heat.

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