6 yoga poses to enhance your beauty in 2016

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6 Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Beauty

As people seek to attain their target weight and maintain a healthier outlook, most of them have tried out yoga as an alternate form of exercise. While the health benefits of yoga are widely recognized within the health and wellness industry, not many people are aware that this form of exercise is also beneficial towards skin condition.

When the topic of beauty and skin care arises, people inevitably start discussing about their trusted range of cosmetic products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and facial masks. There is no doubting the effectiveness of these products and personal rituals.

Nonetheless, most people would be grateful to know that participating in yoga exercises can greatly aid in their lifelong pursuit of beauty too.

It should be pointed out that the primary objective of yoga poses is to aid in achieving a healthier physical appearance and help individuals enjoy better health condition.

Utilizing yoga exercises as an alternative method of enhancing personal beauty comes as a secondary objective. For this specific reason, not all yoga poses are suitable towards improving skin condition and physical features.

Through careful selection and elimination, listed below are 6 of the most effective yoga moves to fight aging and help individuals achieve better-looking skin.

1. Uttanasana (Forward Bend)

Directions: Adopt a standing position with feet spread out according to the width of the hips. Slowly inhale. While exhaling, slowly bend at the hips. Lower head towards the floor and allow both hands to hang by the side. Hold this pose for 1 minute before recovering.

Benefits: The Uttanasana pose effectively utilizes the properties of gravity to channel additional blood circulation to the face. With the head in an inverted position, it speeds up the supply of oxygen and other essential nutrients to the facial area. This helps to reduce inflammation and fight free radicals that can cause premature aging.

2. Sirsasana (Headstand)

Directions: Rest on the elbows and interlace fingers. Rest head on the mat and push it against both palms. Push head and palms against the wall and slowly lift both legs until they are fully straightened.

Benefits: Similar to the Uttanasana pose previously, the Sirsanana utilizes the same principles to channel vital nutrients to the face. However, this pose is more effective as the whole body is in an inverted position which makes the gravitational force stronger. Individuals can experience the effects of natural face-lifts within a shorter period.

3. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Directions: In a lying position, place both arms by the side and slowly lift the body off the mat. Keep buttocks firmly planted on the mat and arch the back and tilt neck towards the back. Allow elbows to shift and become perpendicular to the ground.

Benefits: With the neck and spine arched back, it funnels more blood through the neck and into the head. This pose helps to improve facial complexion and can be practiced in intervals of 1 minute.

4. Halasana (Plough Pose)

Directions: In a lying position and with arms resting by the side, gather breathing at a regulated pace. Next, make a sweeping movement to lift both legs off the ground and over the head till the toes touch the floor.

Benefits: In contrast to other poses, the Halasana pose helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body rather than just the facial area. More importantly, this pose provides essential nutrients to all organs of the body and effectively helps to cure symptoms of insomnia and restlessness. With an enhanced sleeping cycle, it inadvertently leads to an improved skin condition.

5. Pranayam (Lotus Pose)

Directions: In a normal sitting position, cross both legs but ensure that both feet are pointing upwards. Tuck in both heels as close to the abdomen as possible. Rest both hands on the knees.

Benefits: This is probably the easiest yoga post on this list. Although it does not increase blood flow or the supply of nutrients, this pose works on the mental aspects to achieve better skin condition. By engaging in deep meditation for 15 minutes, it helps to calm the mind and enhances the natural healing process.

6. Sarvangasana (Should Stand)

Directions: In a lying position, slowly lift both legs up and raise the hips off the ground. Find a comfortable balance for this position and use the elbows to support the back. Keep both legs straight and stretched out towards the ceiling.

Benefits: By now, it has become blatantly obvious that most yoga poses that utilize the concept of gravity are beneficial towards improving the overall beauty of any individual. The Sarvangasana used the same principles. However, the distinct difference is that the head is not tilted back. With the head firmly resting on the ground, this pose promotes wrinkle reduction and provides the face with a radiant glow from the increased blood circulation.

Health conscious people would be happy to know that practicing yoga not only helps to improve physical health condition but it also effectively aids in promoting better skin condition. With the 6 yoga poses suggested above, individuals can enjoy benefits such as reversed signs of aging, a better complexion and a noticeable radiant glow on the face.

For people who are hesitant towards taking up yoga, this added value gives them further motivation to start. For others who have been practicing yoga, do focus on the suggested poses above and be prepared to reap the rewards through pure perseverance.

Author Bio: Sophie Addison is a popular blogger and skincare expert. She is very passionate about writing on skincare and beauty. She has posted articles on tips for fine lines under eyes, weight loss and fitness news. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening music. You can also contact her on Facebook, and Pinterest.

References: http://myempoweredworld.com/health-wellness/6-face-yoga-poses-to-relax-you/


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