Brilliant Gifts to Give to Your Yogi Friends

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With Christmas, Hanukkah, and the season of giving upon us, getting the perfect gift is on everyone’s mind. But what do you buy for your friends who live a yogi lifestyle? There’s so much diversity within the community, it can be hard to nail down the perfect idea, or you might be afraid of getting them something they already have. Never fear! We have a whole bunch of ideas your yogi-ist friends are sure to love, and they span all the price ranges.

  1. Personalized Yoga Mat Holder

A yogi probably has more than one yoga mat, but there’s a good chance they have a favorite. That one mat deserves a special spot, and what could be more special than a personalized mat holder from one of their best friends?

These items are sold all over Etsy, but if you’re a bit crafty, you can make one yourself with no problem!

  1. Good Leggings

Leggings are great for yoga, but they’re also suitable for an active lifestyle. Look for high-quality ones that won’t pill or show their underwear when they get into down dog!

If your friend also likes to hike, walk, or run, keep an eye out for reflective leggings that will help keep them visible during the early evenings of winter.

  1. Toeless Socks

Nobody likes cold feet, but yogis have to use their toes! The best solution for that is non-slip, toe-less socks. They’re kind of like fingerless gloves, but for your feet.

That way, your yogi friend retains full maneuverability of their feet for various poses, but any winter chill will be kept at bay.

  1. Toe Separators

Since yogis have to use their toes for balance, they also need a decent amount of flexibility in their feet. After a long day of stretching and working those muscles, being able to slip their toes into a relaxed but extended state feels like bliss.

Toe separators do precisely that, and they are great for anyone who needs a little foot stretch after a long day!

  1. Yoga Mat

Your yogi friend probably has a yoga mat, but who said that’s enough? Grab an extra one or two for them.

If they have a studio, they may keep one especially for their private practice since it’s a little special. A reversible yoga mat is always a fun option for the yogis who like to change it up!

  1. No Slip Towel

Yoga gets sweaty, even if you aren’t doing it in a hot room. A wet mat can get a little slippery, which makes those challenging asanas that much more difficult.

A non-slip towel can keep you from slipping and sliding all over the place and make sure you stay stable and rooted to the spot. You can focus on form — not on how much you’re sweating!

  1. Meditation Candle

A candle or candle holder that’s designed to be part of a meditation kit can be incredibly useful for a simple meditation practice or an ending savasana. The candlelight creates the perfect, relaxing atmosphere, and the scents are geared toward calmness and relaxation as well.

Of course, if you don’t like too much smell, there are unscented options. Having a candle as a focal point in meditation might be just thing your friend needed to take their practice to the next level.

  1. Sanitizing Kit

If your yogi is a pretty advanced one and works at a studio, they would probably love to have a sanitizing kit for their space! Yoga is hard work after all, and people come in and sweat all over everything. Especially with winter coming, they might want to use some hand sanitizer after picking up any stray yoga mats that got left out.

Some disinfecting wipes will help keep the floors and bars clean, too, after being used by hands that may or may not have been washed. It’s the best way to keep them from picking up germs and helping to keep your yogi friends as healthy and happy as they can be.

  1. Books on Yoga

To figure out what kind of yoga books to get, you should think about what kind of yogi you’re buying for. Some very detailed ones that go into the anatomy of each yoga pose, discussing the physical benefits. Other books focus on the history of the practice, taking a walk through India and the Middle East.

You might want to get one that talks about the spirituality that can come with yoga, and explains the chakras as they relate to different positions. The laid-back yogi might enjoy a humorous yoga book, with the main character falling in love with the practice in their own, unconventional way.

  1. Reusable Water Bottle

Yoga is a workout. That means you need to stay hydrated, and a reusable water bottle is easily the best option for that.

A glass or metal bottle is probably the best option since it’s the least harmful to the environment and will last the longest. But if your friend has kids, a metal or plastic bottle would work better. Glass bottles, even when wrapped in impact-absorbing rubber, can still shatter!

  1. Yoga Mat Bag

Everyone needs yoga bags. If you get one with extra pockets, a yogi will be able to stuff pretty much everything they need into one bag.

A yoga sack might even be a better option. It’s almost like a yoga bag, but with room for your wallet, change and your keys. You won’t even need a gym bag.

  1. Yoga Jellies

Yoga jellies might sound a little weird, but they aren’t for eating! They’re soft supports that can help take pressure off the wrists and knees. You can use them for just about any spot that you need a little softness or to take some pressure off.

If you or your friend has carpal tunnel or arthritis, this product could be a game-changer for the practice!

  1. Bolster

Bolsters may be one of the most useful and underutilized yoga accessories. No matter how flexible a person is, sometimes it just feels nice to have something else that can take your weight.

It can help turn almost any pose into a gentle meditation pose, and it’s great for sitting around the house, too.

  1. Yoga Trapeze *Splurge*

If you want to splurge on your yogi, a yoga trapeze is the way to go. It lets them do everything! They can fly like Superman, snuggle with their pets, read a book in a swing or, yes, practice their yoga in a new and exciting way.

These are a bit pricier, though, so make sure they have room for one before you get it.

There’s something here for everyone on your yogi Christmas list, whether they have years of experience and their own studio or if they’re just starting out. Take your pick, because everything will make them happy!

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