Five Things That Can Help You Focus on Your Yoga Routine

Jan 29, 2016 | Yoga | 0 comments

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Focus more on your yoga routine with these 5 tips.

Yoga has been practiced in a variety of forms and for many years. In modern, Western yoga, the main goal is usually mindful exercise designed to increase flexibility, balance and stamina. It is also used to help relieve strss. If you find it hard to focus during your routine, here are some tips for getting rid of distractions.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Just because others prefer to wear skin-tight leotards or trendy workout gear doesn’t mean you must wear those items as well. Wear whatever is comfortable for you and allows you full range of movement. If that’s sweatpants and a t-shirt, so be it. You want to be warm and relaxed during your practice.

Turn Off Your Gadgets

Your cellphone, pager, monitor and tablet all need to be powered down or at least turned to silent mode during your routine. Electronic devices are distracting to you and everyone else in the class with you. Even if you practice alone, turning off your gadgets will allow you to focus solely on your posture and breath. Text messages and Facebook updates can wait.

Have Pain Evaluated and Treated

Some mild discomfort while exercising can often be explained away as a tight muscle, but pain should never be ignored. Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and it should be addressed. If certain movements or poses are causing you pain, don’t power through it. See a doctor to make sure you haven’t injured yourself. The pain could be anything from a bone spur to a strained muscle, but you need to know what’s wrong to avoid aggravating the problem.

Consider Contact Lenses

Certain poses, such as the downward-facing dog, can cause your glasses to slide down your nose or fall off entirely. You can have your glasses adjusted to fit better and avoid some of this, but contact lenses may be a better choice. Ask a specialist from All About Eyes if you’d be a good candidate for contacts. It’s a better option than worrying about your glasses or not being able to see well.

Control Your Thoughts

If you have a demanding career, a contentious family or financial woes, you may have difficulty in ‘shutting off’ your brain during yoga. Practice clearing your mind and setting all worries aside. This will help you focus on your body and its movements without the distraction of outside problems. Yoga practice can be soothing and calming, if you clear your mind and set aside any intrusive thoughts.

Developing your focus and training your concentration will help you in your yoga practice. Keep these tips in mind to reap the benefits of a quiet, calm mind during your routine.

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