10 Unspoken Yoga Rules

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People practice yoga to slow and still the mind to increase mental alertness of their surroundings to achieve that “Zen” that they crave.

Obtaining that “Zen-like” state can be a little difficult when someone disrupts your flow; in short, don’t be that person – here’s how!

1. Don’t put your mat unnecessarily close to someone else’s.

If you’re a guy, think about the urinal rule, if you’re a female… just try not to get in someone’s personal space (well… you know what I mean)

2. Don’t be a show off!

Nobody wants to come into class to get their mat ready and see you doing a Lotus Headstand Variation with Bound Legs… (Google that pose, it’s pretty difficult to say the least)

3. Leave your phone outside of the studio.

Yoga is one of those places where you want to be away from it all; it’s hard to be away from it all when your phone is blowing up and you’re paying Candy Crush during your down dog…

4. Contain your accessories.

What I mean by this one is: 1) Don’t bring a bunch of stuff in with you that you’re not going to use and 2) nobody wants to step on a loose earring backing during their peaceful hour

5. Adding to number 2…

If you’re in amazing shape and so is your significant other, don’t post up at the front of the class for all of the “non-yogi’s” to see and feel horrible about.

6. Keep your voice down, even before class.

You came in to tune the world out, not hear about Sara’s new puppy and how Becky’s new boyfriend is… well you get the picture

7. Keep your shirt on guys, especially if you sweat… a LOT.

This rule may or may not apply if you’re in a hot yoga class. Play it safe and check with the instructor before hand.

8. If you’re advanced as all get out… go to advanced classes – leave the beginner classes to the beginners.

Not only is it rude and will make the beginners feel badly about themselves when you’re a super bendy person, you also won’t grow in your practice.

9. Stick with the class, don’t wander off into your own pose-land.

There’s nothing more distracting than looking over at your mat neighbour and seeing they’re doing something completely different. This is equally distracting to your teacher. Teachers put a lot of work into designing the lesson plan, and it’s insulting of you to ignore them.

10. Guys, don’t wear really short shorts…

We know it’s hot in there; it’s called Hot Yoga for a reason… think of the children…

So now that you know some of the unspoken rules of the mat, please abide by them and keep your Zen strong.

The best part is that, now that you know of all of these little tid bits, you’ll see lots of people doing it during your next yoga adventure and you can be a part of the “know.”

Trying to figure out what these crazy yoga terms mean? Check out the Yoga Glossary.


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