10 Ways a Yoga Retreat Will Change Your Life

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It’s scary to do something solely for yourself, isn’t it?

A yoga retreat can seem like an impossibility because we are too busy doing things for other people: our jobs, our families, even our yoga students. But can we really give our best to others if we don’t first take care of ourselves? We know, as yogis, that we should prioritize our self care. But sometimes it can seem selfish to take time out to go on a yoga retreat. The things that are scariest are sometimes the things most worth doing. Taking the leap and going on a yoga retreat will change your life, and here are 10 reasons to prove it:

10 Reasons Why a Yoga Retreat Will Change Your Life

1. You will learn to embrace the unknown.

It is precisely because you are entering unknown territory when you go on a yoga retreat that it will change your life. We inherently resist the unknown, it’s just human nature. When you do something that challenges your comfort and stability you will grow. You learn that the unknown is not such a scary place, but rather something to embrace.

2. Your yoga practice will deepen in ways you never thought possible.

This is the more practical side of a yoga retreat, but it’s worth being said. You will grow your practice when you go on a yoga retreat. Perhaps you are an experienced yogi, but have never tried a certain branch of yoga. Go on a retreat where you can learn something new. There are all types of yoga retreats out there now. You can get as specific as you’d like. Kundalini Yoga, a whole week to focus on backbends or inversions, even Tantric Yoga! You are bound to find something to change up your yoga routine.

3. You will form a community of like minded people.

This is perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways from going on a yoga retreat. The people you meet on your retreat are all going through the same life-changing experience as you. When you gather a group of people who are already interested in the same thing, and put them through an intense week of concentrated growth and learning, they are bound to connect in untold ways. If you’re a yoga teacher or wellness practictioner, you will make so many connections that can help grow your business in ways you wouldn’t think possible. Even if you’re just a regular yoga-loving retreat goer, you will form relationships that could lead to lifetime friendships.

4. Life goes on without you.

It’s a powerful and humbling thing to learn that life goes on without you. The chores you were afraid wouldn’t get done, the work projects you didn’t think could wait one week, they all work themselves out. Even if you’re the busiest workaholic out there or have a family of 6 (and maybe especially if those things apply to you), you deserve time to spend on yourself to recharge. Things may not get done the way you would have done them, but simply stepping out of the way and letting the people in your life show you that they can take up the mantle can be a freeing experience.

5. A Tech detox alone can be life-changing.

Most yoga retreats operate with no, or at least limited, technology. There’s no cell service in a remote jungle in Costa Rica! Even if you could sneak away for a moment to check your email, you may want to reconsider. We are so attached to technology noawadays that getting off the grid for a week can feel almost akin to cutting off an arm. It’s not healthy to be so reliant on anything, especially if you make a living by working on a computer. Getting away from the blue light and the Instagram likes for a few days will remind you that there is a world beyond your screen.

6. Prove to yourself that you’re your #1.

Who is the person that you spend the most time with? No, not your partner, your children or your coworkers, you! Throughout your life, the one constant in your life is…yourself. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to show yourself some love and attention. That includes treating your body right by feeding it nutritious whole foods and moving your body daily. It also includes getting quiet with yourself and letting your soul speak to you. Going on a yoga retreat is almost entirely about carving out space and time for those very things. If you have trouble in your daily life finding time or discipline for self care, a retreat could be the tiny kick in the pants that you need.

7. Change occurs just outside of your comfort zone.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s a cliche for a reason. How many times throughout the day do we make the same choices we made the day before and the day before that, etc? A yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to break out of your comfortable routine and shake things up. Whether it’s trying a new yoga position or meeting a whole bunch of new strangers, you’re sure to be pushed outside of your comfort zone. As a result, when you return to your normal life you will see things from a different perspective.

8. You can travel while you retreat.

Most people have it on their to-do list to ‘travel more’ and ‘be healthier.’ Why not combine the two and go on a yoga retreat in a new country? Or even a weekend yoga retreat somewhere near where you live but never had the chance to check out before. Using your yoga retreat as an excuse to get to know an entirely different culture is an amazing way to fast track all the changes you’ll be making. You could even deepen your knowledge of yoga and go on a retreat in its’ birthplace: India!

9. You will learn surprises about yourself.

All of this time spent away from your normal life, in a new situation, with more time to spend on you will lead you to many important discoveries. You may, in a quiet meditative moment, have the epiphany that you’ve been waiting for. You could have an idea for a career change or big move. Or you could simply discover that you are powerful, beautiful and perfect just as you are.

10. You will return home happier, healthier, and more able to appreciate what you have.

The feeling you get after a yoga retreat, that lighter than air feeling, will permeate everything and everyone you come in contact with once you get back home. You are more open to feeling and expressing emotions. You can put aside old hurts and start anew in your relationships. You have more energy to expend because you took the time to retreat for a while and come back to yourself and your power. Going on a yoga retreat just might send you down an entirely new path in life.

A yoga retreat is certainly not the only way to change your life, but it will give you the tools and reset necessary to create change. Whether you have a week, a weekend, or an entire month to dedicate to yourself and your practice, you will see the benefits. Have you been on a yoga retreat before? If so, in what ways did it change your life? If not, would you ever consider going on one? Take the leap, you might be surprised at the outcome!

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