4 Yoga Videos for Runners

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Yoga for Runners | 42Yogis.com

Yoga can be extremely beneficial for runners. Loosening up the legs will help you maintain balance in your joints and prevent injury. Yoga will also increase awareness of your body.

“Runners who are more in tune with their bodies will make injury-avoiding and performance-hampering corrections as they run,” explains Dana Santas, the creator of Radius Yoga Conditioning. “They will be less likely to ignore sensations that could lead to serious injury.”

Check out these great yoga videos for runners and start preventing injury.

1. 20 Minute Yoga for Runners with Esther Ekhart

Yoga for Runners | Esther Ekhart | 42Yogis.com

Practice this yoga class 1-3 times a week to balance the repetitive action of running on the body. During this yoga routine you work on over-all strength, flexibility and it will increase awareness of your posture as a runner. Watch now.

2. Yoga for Runners with Erin Taylor

Yoga for Runners | 42Yogis.com

Jasyoga Head Coach Erin Taylor takes you through an 11-minute pre-run Jasyoga sequence to get your breath flowing and wake up your legs, preparing you to run (and feel!) your best out on the road. A great warm-up for any kind of workout. Watch now.

3. Yoga for Runners with Maria de Noda

Yoga for Runners | Maria de Noda | 42Yogis.com

Join Maria as she takes you through a series of leg stretches for runners or for anyone with tight hamstrings and legs. Practice this sequence 2 or 3 times a week for more flexibility in your legs. This practice is suitable for any level. Remember to practice mindfully and remember to breathe! Try it even if you don’t run. Watch now.

4. Yoga for Runners with Lesley Fightmaster

Yoga for Runners | Lesley Fightmaster | 42Yogis.com

Yoga for Runners focuses on the areas of the body that get tight from running, mainly hamstrings, hips, hip flexors and thighs. This class incorporates strength building with stretching because both are advantageous for a healthy body. Watch now.


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