5 Day Online Beginner’s Yoga Course

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This is an announcement from one of our bloggers and friends about her upcoming yoga class on Periscope.

Beginner Yoga Course

Lock in the Early Bird Price of $25 Today!

Regular Price: $35

So you’re thinking about joining my online yoga challenge! That is GREAT news and the first step towards making yoga a part of your daily life. In this course, you will learn that you CAN fit it in.

In only 20 minutes, you will see improvements in your life that may include a more positive outlook, less pain in your body, stronger and more flexible muscles, less stress and a more positive body image, to name only a few.

Not only will you have the opportunity to practice LIVE with me for 5 days in a row, you will also have access to the videos onPeriscope (easily downloaded in the app store) indefinitely. Don’t worry if you can’t make it LIVE, though it is preferred so you can ask questions and leave comments, you can always watch when it’s convenient for you and ask questions through Twitter DM or via email. Just make sure that you complete all videos in the 5 days for maximum benefits. Whoever shares the course the most AND asks the most relevant questions and leaves relevant comments will win a recycled wool blanket from Manduka to support you in your home practice (value: $32)!

Don’t sell yourself short, you can do this. I mean, it’s ONLY 20 minutes a day to a happier you! Register HERE for only $25 (until Thursday, July 21st) to save your space as they ARE limited. Make sure to download the Periscope app if you haven’t already and follow me, @theyogifarmacist! You will get a confirmation email once registered.

Dates are Monday, July 25-29th. Live at 8am CST. Broadcasts will be saved on Periscope.

In this course, we will have three main areas of focus.

  1. Breath and breath synchronized movement
  2. Correct alignment and execution of postures
  3. Modifications and variations of postures


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