5 Reasons to Attend the Yoga Games in Stockholm

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5 reasons to go to the Yoga Games in Stockholm
As one who loves warm weather and despises the cold, I never thought I would say this:

I wish I was in Stockholm this week.

It’s not because Stockholm is gorgeous (which it is), or because I have family in Sweden (which I do), or because I want to see the Vasa battleship, the pride of the Swedish Imperial Fleet from 1628 (which I do).

But rather to attend the 2016 Yoga Games.

The Yoga Games is an organisation that puts on amazing yoga conferences in Stockholm, Goteborg, and Halsomassa. The Yoga Games in Stockholm is in its second year, and runs this weekend from February 12th-14th.

If you happen to find yourself in Sweden, here are 5 reasons why you should go to the Yoga Games.

1. Experience the beautiful Munich Brewery.

Architecture buffs will be delighted to get to experience the Munich Brewery, which is, despite the title, no longer a brewery. With a history dating back to 1857, at the height of production, the brewery produced 60,000 bottles of beer per hour. Munich Brewery capped their last bottle of beer in 1971. The city of Stockholm took control of the buildings and had plans to demolish them to make way for apartment buildings.

Many prominent Swedes took up the cause to save the Munich Brewery, and the building was saved in 1976. After six years of renovation and SEK 200 million, the Munich Brewery has evolved into a beautiful event venue with over 18 stunning venues, and is hosting the Yoga Games for the second year.

2. Take a yoga class from Dylan Werner.

Dylan Werner is an amazing yoga teacher hailing from California. If you have ever spent three hours surfing yoga videos on YouTube (not that I would ever do that), or scrolling through #yoga on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Dylan’s impressive poses and classes.

At the Yoga Games Dylan is leading a workshop about Handstands and Arm Balances and a Beyond Balance Vinyasa class. By attending the Yoga Games you will get to take

3. Finally a yoga conference with really good food.

Not all yoga conferences have good food. The Yoga Games does. Halso-Cafe and Sophie’s Raw are catering the event.

Halso-Cafe specialises in raw vegan, and offers many gastronomical delights like the Yogi Acai Bowl (acai, granola, mango, raspberry, and passion fruit), Chia Pudding, and matcha lattes.

Sophie’s Raw specialises in homemade, raw, organic ice creams that look absolutely ah-may-zing. Sophie is a raw food chef and economist who wanted to combine delicious raw food with environmentally friendly practices.

4. Do yoga while looking at Riddarfjarden.

Riddarfjarden - Stockholm

Many of the rooms reserved for the Yoga Games look out over Riddarfjarden, the easternmost bay of Lake Malaren. Riddarfjarden is nestled in Stockholm city center with 6300 meters of shoreline.

5. An incredible variety of classes.

Attendees can attend yoga workshops and classes, led by 37 talented and respected yoga teachers including Dylan Werner, Alan Finger, and Elaine de Souza.

30 classes are scheduled for Saturday, and 29 on Sunday. The classes topics include:

  • Handstand and Arm Balances
  • Intelligent Sequencing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Inversions
  • Kirtan
  • The Heart Sutra
  • Yoga for Atheletes
  • Bhakti Master Flow
  • Jam Session
  • Beyond Balance Vinyasa

In addition to classes, over 50 companies are participating in the Yoga Games Health Fair where attendees can browse and discover new products to help support their quest for wellness.

Tickets vary in price. It costs 125 Euro to attend the Friday workshops, and 265 Euro to attend Saturday and Sunday.

More info: yogagames.org.


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