5 Ways Twitter can Enhance Your Yoga Practice and Resolutions

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How Twitter can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

2015 is in full swing, and so are 2015 resolutions. Most of the people I know made a resolution of some kind, and people are all too happy to talk about their resolutions. “What’s your resolution?” is the January equivalent of “How about this weather?”

So naturally when a dear friend of mine refused to tell anybody her resolution, I was intrigued. Instead of telling me, she sent me to a TED Talk where Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby, discusses the virtue in keeping your mouth shut when it comes to your goals.

According to Derek, some studies indicate you might be more effective at keeping your goals if you don’t tell anybody what they are. There is a theory that suggests when you talk about them and get positive feedback from your friends, your brain starts to feel accomplished.

There are also studies that suggest using Twitter can improve your chances to keep up with your resolutions like shedding pound and sticking with your new yoga routine. People have been taking to Twitter with their resolutions for years. According to Twitter, these are the top tweeted resolutions of 2015:

NYE Graphic

While “do more yoga” isn’t on the top 10 list, there are a number of ways Twitter can help you keep to your “do more yoga” resolution. Here are 5 tips on how to use Twitter to your advantage:

  1. Join the yoga conversation on Twitter! Explore Twitter using the hashtag #Yoga, #Fitness or #Healthy to see what the community is saying, and discover new industry research that will inform your decisions. Twitter is the best way to get informed quickly on developments in the world of fitness, yoga, nutrition, and healthy weight loss.
  1. Follow other yogis for inspiration: There are hundreds of yoga, fitness and nutrition experts on Twitter, sending 140 character spurts of inspiration, every day. Accounts like @KristinMcGee, @AshleyTurner1 and @TaraStiles can give you the inspiration and motivation for your practice.
  1. Stay on top of classes, events and workshops in your area by following your favorite teachers, studios and local yoga blogs.
  1. Get started and tweet yourself! Be sure to tag your tweets with popular hashtags like #yoga #fitness or #healthyeating. Maybe it’s an inspirational quote from your yoga class or a goal you’re setting for 2015. Many people decide to set up special Twitter accounts dedicated to their health journey, where they tweet out photos of the yoga pose they just mastered, balanced meals they’ve made, or a new workout they tried. Many people find that this technique makes them accountable, and provides them with an overwhelming amount of support from others on Twitter.
  1. Also if saving money is a goal this year, be sure to follow yoga studios and fitness retailers like @SweatyBetty, @MikaYogaWear, @YogaWorks, @CorePowerYoga for deals/promotions to save on classes, clothes and more!

Also for a full list of folks to follow for Daily Yoga Inspiration – here’s a list of 100!

If you’re are sharing your resolutions and goals for 2015, consider sending them out on Twitter while taking some advice from Derek Sivers. “You can state it in a way that gives you no satisfaction, such as, ‘I really want to run this marathon, so I need to train five times a week and kick my ass if I don’t, okay?'”

I’m always looking for great yogis to follow on Twitter. What are your favourite yoga accounts? Let me know in the comments.

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