6 Yoga Poses for Runners

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Did you know that during the course of the average two mile run, your foot strikes the ground 2,000 times with a force of impact three to four times your weight?

When you think of it like that, running sounds pretty intense, and most runners will tell you it is. Runners are subject to a number of ailments including injuries to the back, knees, ankles, and feet. Not to mention tight hamstrings.

But the pain caused by running is usually imbalances in your body.

“Runners who are more in tune with their bodies will make injury-avoiding and performance-hampering corrections as they run,” explains Dana Santas, the creator of Radius Yoga Conditioning. “They will be less likely to ignore sensations that could lead to serious injury.”

“What I find with my athlete clients who run is that these issues are created primarily from being anterior chain dominant,” Santas continues. “and letting dysfunctional pelvic rotation determine their foot striking pattern, and weight distribution, while inadequate breathing and pelvic floor position affect shock absorption.”

When it comes to running, preparation is key, Santas explains.

“When we talk about preparation, I think of it as not only that few minutes initially before going for the run but actually putting in time training to have a better understanding of your body and how to use it/move it in running strides to ensure the best muscle strength/flexibility, joint stability/mobility and breathing biomechanics for shock absorption and power generation.”

Yoga can help bring your body back into balance, help you cultivate an awareness and understanding of your body, and keep you running for years to come.

Try the following 6 poses.

  • succeed

  • charlie-chaplin

  • find-balance-instagram

  • eyes-instagram

  • waldo

  • the-light-instagram

  • let-your-spirit-soar-instagram

  • vagabond

  • lesley-fightmaster-quote

  • abundant-2016-ig

  • pema

  • beyourself

  • be-a-lamp

  • motivation

  • no-winter-instagram

  • move-lightly

  • do-your-practice

  • quote

  • everyone-is-fighting-instagram

  • meditation

  • hack-away-instagram

  • enjoy-stillness-instagram

  • practice-makes-perfect

  • spread-joy-instagram

  • quote

  • give-thanks-to-friends

  • yoga-outloud-instagram

  • strive

  • treasure-house

  • notice-instagram

  • simplify

Bonus! Yoga for Runners Warmup Sequence



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