7 Ways Yoga will Make You a Better Lover

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The other night after a roll in the hay with my husband I had an “ah-ha!” moment. Before I started yoga, people kept telling me that yoga will make me better in bed. I didn’t believe ’em, but it turns out, the collective “they” might be onto something. Here are the top 7 ways yoga will make you a better lover.

1. Yoga is sexy.

When I go to yoga, I come home feeling exhausted, refreshed, and sexy. Yeah, maybe I still have a few pounds to lose, and, yeah, after yoga I’m a sweaty mess. But I come home feeling sexy. I have always equated sexy with healthy, and when I get done exercising, I’m good to go – even though I don’t usually have the energy to, uh…go.

2. You’ll be more present.

If you’re like me – and most people in this world – your mind has been known to wander during sex. It’s not that you’re not having fun, but you’re lying there, looking up at the ceiling, and instead of thinking about what your lover is about to do, you’re wondering about the last time you vacuumed up the cobwebs.

With a regular yoga practice, especially one with a strong meditation component, you’ll become more present during sex. You’ll find it’s easier to remain in the moment. Remaining in the moment is very important during sex and can give you a deeper connection with your partner. The less you’re thinking about cobwebs the better.

3. You’re more connected to your body.

A regular yoga practice will help you become more in tune with sensations, and we all know sensations are everywhere in sex. This heightened awareness of what’s going on with your body will help you be aware of what’s working, or what isn’t.

4. You’ll sync up.

In yoga we’re taught a lot about breath. How we breathe and when we breathe makes a big difference in one’s yoga practice. It also makes a big difference during sex. Syncing your breath with your partner’s will help you sync your bodies and movements.

5. You’ll be more patient.

Anybody who has struggled to master Bakasana without falling on their face understands how yoga teaches patience. This patience can be essential during sex. You’re not rushing your yoga practice, so try not to rush foreplay either. Your partner will appreciate it.

6. You’ll be more flexible and balanced.

Yoga increases your flexibility and balance which makes for a much more exciting time in the bedroom. Interesting and exciting poses (and locations) present themselves when you have the ability to make ’em work. Stick to a regular yoga practice, and next time you have the option to do it standing up in a coat closet, you’ll be able to.

7. You’ll enjoy the magic.

At the end of a rigorous yoga practice, we enjoy savasana and let the magic of the previous 60 minutes sink in. We relax, recover, and reflect on what just happened. After sex, don’t rush to get up. Enjoy lying with your partner, relaxing, recovering, and reflecting on what just happened. Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had with my husband were during this magical moment.

How has yoga made you a better lover? Let me know in the comments.


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