8 Great Yoga Routines to Start Your Day (especially if you’re not a morning person!)

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8 Yoga Videos to Wake You Up

I was up early yesterday morning, and by early I mean 7:15am. Anybody who knows me well will tell you they’ve never seen me awake before 10am. And some people will tell you they’ve never seen me awake before noon. It’s better for my health if I’m up in the morning, but I’m naturally a night owl. While the birds are singing, coffee is brewing, and the world is slowly waking up, I want nothing more than to be nestled under the covers.

One of my friends suggested I start the day with an early morning yoga practice to get my mind ready to take on the day. I laughed, but the more I thought about it the more I realised she might be onto something.

“Doing yoga in the morning is great for your body,” said world reknown yoga expert and author Beth Shaw. “Specifically, it activates all of your systems, like your metabolism. It also provides you with energy and a calm state of mind before a really busy day.” Beth Shaw has recently released her latest book YOGALEAN in which she stresses the importance of developing a lean consciousness, an awareness of your body and health.

It sounds like there are many benefits to morning yoga, including emotional ones. Becca Pati, owner of the Divine Health wellness center in Canada says the reason she loves morning yoga is really simple. “The breathing. The idea that we can fill up with prana (energy) and vitality to set a positive tone for our day is awesome! Breathing consciously, in the early AM, allows the body to vibrate with love and our mind set to be like, ‘I ROCK!'”

If you’d like to start your day with the idea that you’re amazing while reaping awesome rewards for your body, check out these great morning yoga routines.

1. Morning Sequence with Adriene

Morning Sequence with Adriene! This will get your blood flowing early in the morning. | 42Yogis.com

2. Morning Wakeup/Evening Energy Boost Routine with Tara Carpino

Wake up with Morning Energy Boost and Tara Carpino | 42Yogis

3. Energizing Morning Sequence with Patrick Beach

Patrick Beach teaches an amazing morning yoga flow to get your prana flowing. | 42Yogis.com

4. Intense Morning Power Vinyasa with Ali Kamenova

Morning is the perfect time for a little power vinyasa. | 42Yogis.com

5. Sun Salutations with Sandra Carlson

Sun Salutations are the perfect way to greet the day. | 42Yogis.com

6. 5 Minute Flexibility with Tara Stiles

Always in a rush in the morning? Wake up with 5 minute flexibility led by Tara Stiles to get those muscles movin'. | 42Yogis.com

7. Deep Stretching with Hilaria Baldwin

Start your day off with deep stretching led by celebrity yoga teacher Hilaria Baldwin. | 42Yogis.com

8. Creative Cardio with Becca Pati

 Get your blood flowing with this creative cardio routine led by Becca Pati. | 42Yogis.com

I know I have my favourite of these videos. What one is your favourite Wake-Me-Up yoga routine? Let me know in the comments.


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