Air India introduces yoga for cabin crew

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In an awesome move, Air India has introduced yoga for its newly-recruited crews that are undergoing training. Yoga for pilots and crew began this morning.

Every crew member currently being trained has to attend yoga at 6:30am, a senior Air India official told the India Times.

“We have introduced yoga for the first time in our training module for pilots and cabin crew, as we believe that yoga brings in a sense of discipline as well as helps cope better with the stress of the job. This is true for each one of us,” said the official, who did not want to be identified.

An expanding airline, Air India has recently hired approximately 300 cabin crew and 78 pilots. The new hires are being trained at the Air India Training facility in Hyderabad.

But it doesn’t stop at pilots and cabin crew. There are hints of yoga for senior management taking place later in June. This two-day workshop at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Ashram is for of general managers and higher.

Yoga is being more and more popular in airports in America, but I would love to see more airlines offering free yoga to their crew members who have incredibly high-stress jobs.


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