Amplifying the healing power of yoga

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Energy Medicine Yoga | 42Yogis

What is it that makes yoga practitioners feel so good after a session—more so than after other kinds of exercise or stretching? “Yoga was created to directly stimulate and move us at the energetic level,” teaches Lauren Walker. Yet it can take an hour or more to gain the subtle benefits of yoga practice, and many of us don’t have the luxury of being able to devote that much time to a regular daily routine.

That’s why Walker created Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice (on sale October 2014)—a breakthrough book that combines yoga with the most effective practices of energy medicine to vastly increase the benefits of your practice.

“The primary reason Energy Medicine Yoga is so powerful is that we are taking the densest energy, our physical form,” says Walker, “and opening up space within it so that our more subtle energies can also move.”

Energy Medicine Yoga is designed to work with the energy systems of the body within a yoga practice, educating the body, mind, energy and spirit to work together to manifest your highest individual potential and to remind you of your inherent wholeness and perfection. Walker has adapted the renowned energy medicine techniques pioneered by her own teacher, Donna Eden, so they integrate seamlessly into the movements and postures of yoga practice.

The book will explore such topics as:

  • Why the concept of yin and yang is so important in Energy Medicine Yoga
  • How to work in a more direct way with the meridians to affect the endocrine system and calm the stress response
  • Why pranayama (breathing practices) in energy medicine yoga breath differ from regular yoga breath
  • The importance of massaging neurolymphatic reflex points to help detox the body
  • Other techniques and yoga poses to support the immune system, improve digestion, balance hormones, strengthen the body, and change patterns and habits
  • The importance of eye yoga and its connection to healing and releasing trauma

“These tools are simple, easy to learn, and fit right in with what any yoga practitioner is already doing,” Walker explains. “They’ll allow you to work smarter, not harder—so you can have a healthy body full of energy, zest, and joy for what life has to offer.”

Pre-order the book on Amazon: Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice


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