Artist designed yoga pants available on Kickstarter

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Sankalpa, the artist designed yoga mat pioneer, is proud to launch it’s brand new product, independent artist designed yoga pants, on the same community-driven platform that helped them introduce artist designed yoga mats to the world 2 and half years ago. Sankalpa collaborated with a global community of diverse artists and yoga teachers to introduce 60+ designs for their first collection, and every purchase made directly supports the artist who created the design. Starting today, anyone can back Sankalpa Yoga Pants on Kickstarter at

Sankalpa Exists to Support Independent Artists and Yogis

A different independent artist creates every design at Sankalpa and every purchase made directly supports the artist who created the design. Many of Sankalpa’s artists are also yoga teachers, so a lot of the artwork itself is inspired by yoga. Customers get beautiful and original products they crave, while also supporting a global community of independent artists and yoga teachers through each purchase.

Sankalpa Yoga Pants Don’t Just Look Good.

Sankalpa yoga pants have been meticulously designed to maximize performance and comfort. They’re perfect for a vigorous workout, great for everyday wear, and definitely a conversation starter. The fabric is spun from a high quality microfiber yarn that is breathable, quick dry and incredibly comfortable. Sankalpa uses sublimation printing, and the designs look amazing in person. Plus, the pants are printed, cut and sewn in Southern California.


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