At 9-years-old this kid still isn’t the youngest yoga teacher ever

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You may have caught our story about the 12-year-old who just became a certified yoga teacher. A reader brought Ivan Nolia to our attention, a 9-year-old who is the youngest yoga teacher in Washington D.C., and quite possibly the whole Right Coast.

Nolia began yoga when his mother went to class at a local library. He loved it, and has been hooked ever since. As a kid, Nolia was more than just a decent yogi. He surpassed the level of many students who have been practicing for many years. It was only natural he makes the transition to yoga teacher after earning his 200-hour intensive teacher certification.

The honour of the youngest yoga teacher in the world was bestowed upon a 6-year-old, Shruti Pandey, in India back in 2010.

Watch Ivan Nolia teach yoga to fellow kids.


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