Beth Shaw hosts YogaLean Master Class Nov. 11

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Beth Shaw teaches YogaLean Master Class

On November 11, Beth Shaw, founder of YogaFit, will be holding a revolutionary new weight loss program, called the YogaLean Masterclass, in Arlington, Virginia. The Master Class is based on Beth’s new book, YogaLean.

“This will be a jumpstart into YogaLean for the masses,” explains Beth. “We will be having a great class, introducing new supplements and exchanging great information on weight loss the YogaLean way.”

Beth will show participants how to achieve and maintain their optimum weight by developing what she calls a Lean Consciousness. The ultimate path to whole-life wellness, Lean Consciousness is uniquely designed to work from the inside out, taking into account every reader’s size and shape, and customizing a program that fits with their personal goals.

YogaLean is a holistic approach to weight loss, guiding you to healthier habits, weight loss, and living a Lean Consciousness life. Once in a state of Lean Consciousness, one approaches life in a whole new way. Food choices become based on body need – not want. One begins to eat for energy, immunity and health and not for pleasure, stress or boredom.

During the all-new class, participants will learn:

  • Yoga poses that promote a lean physique, strengthen your core, and increase energy
  • The basics of yogic philosophy and the revolutionary space clearing and gratitude exercises that will help boost your weight loss
  • Cardio and weight-training workouts to complement your yoga, refine your physical strength, and ward off disease
  • Easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that will help you burn fat more efficiently
  • Stress-reducing and clarity-enhancing daily meditations
  • Space clearing exercises that can be done at home and on the go.

The class is from 7:00 pm – 9:45 pm at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City in Arlington, VA. For more information about this exclusive class or if you would like to attend, please contact Stephen(at)yogafit(dot)com.


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