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by Apr 24, 2015Yoga0 comments, the latest digital yoga resource, unveiled its new online yoga pose library early Sunday morning, and I’m already a fan. I’m really excited about the beYogi yoga pose library. I think it will be a great way to augment one’s yoga practice. I’m pleased to share this valuable resource with the 42Yogis community.

The pose library demystifies nearly 100 poses for yoga practitioners and teachers alike.

beYogi designed the pose library to make the physical practice of yoga (asana) accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level, as well as to empower yoga instructors with more robust and readily available class planning resources. The library features a complete collection of yoga pose photos accompanied by detailed instruction and guidance for each individual posture.

The photo library’s advanced filtering system allows visitors to quickly find yoga poses tailored to their preference or practice. Filter by pose type, such as inversion or hip opener; level of difficulty, i.e., beginner, intermediate, and advanced; and anatomical focus, from the hip flexors to the digestive system. Select multiple filters to narrow your focus, or search the pose library by English or Sanskrit name.

beYogi’s 2014 Yoga Teacher Survey revealed yoga poses, teaching techniques, class planning and sequencing, and yoga anatomy to be among the top interests of working yoga professionals. These results contributed to the contents of the library, according to Eleni Angelopoulos, the site’s digital editor.

Each description delineates the posture’s anatomical focus, Sanskrit name and etymology, health benefits, contraindications, and step-by-step instructions. Suggested modifications and alternative poses with similar benefits are provided for students who are at the beginner level or with various health conditions. Additional benefits include teaching cues, sequencing tips, advanced variations, and a “watch out for” section for yoga instructors.

“We didn’t create the pose library to substitute hands-on learning—the yoga teacher’s role is invaluable. We simply wanted a go-to yoga library that could supplement your practice at every step of your journey,” said Angelopoulos. “Keeping that in mind, as well as our survey results, we were able to create a unique learning center that offers valuable, accessible support on everything from the basics of the pose to teaching cues.”


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