Can yoga get any cuter than this?

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Sunberry Fitness Bandaid for Bunnies

It seems cute yoga is all the rage right now.

In Canada a bunny rescue has teamed up with a fitness studio to offer Bunny Yoga.

Bunny Yoga at Sunberry Fitness - Image by Sunberry Fitness

That’s right, you can get your downward dog on while chillin’ with some super bunnies.

Bandaids for Bunnies is a non-profit-rabbit rescue organisation in British Columbia, and has offered two bunny yoga classes at Sunberry Fitness.

Ten bunnies, some with deliciously whimsical names like Blueberry and Jewels, roam the studio during class under the watchful eye of volunteers to ensure people don’t trip or (heaven forbid) step on a bunny.

A third class has been scheduled for Easter. Class costs $20 and all proceeds from the class go to benefit Bandaids for Bunnies.

Photos and video by Sunberry Fitness


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