Can you imagine a lifetime of yoga? These kids can.

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“Every child is a superhero.”

That is what Ivy Child believes and fosters through educational programs steeped in mindfulness, yoga, art and music.

Cultivating the magical powers of confidence, self-esteem, balance and a perspective that this moment counts. New England’s Mindful Kids Yogathon aims to educate, motivate and empower children and our community-at-large to combat violence, develop constructive outlets for stress, and build healthy habits for life.

Children and youth who participate will learn about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in coping with challenging circumstances and enacting positive social change.

This is a family event and may also be of special interest to health professionals, educators and political leaders looking to support programs aimed at addressing children’s health at large, and violence and stress reduction. Mayor of Fitchburg, MA and Ivy Child International Board Member Lisa Wong is the Chair of the event.

Founder of Ivy Child, Rose Pavlov, states, “I am honored to unite our community in a global journey of yoga to help each individual unlock their true potential through mindfulness, a practice my family has shared for generations healthfully navigating the seasons of life.”

The event will feature world-renowned leaders in yoga and mindfulness such as Debbie Cohen, Founder of Core Yoga (Cambridge), Harvard University’s leading yoga instructor and the force that brought yoga to Boston Public Schools.


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