Cardiac Yoga DVD Released by The Heart Fit Clinic

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Cardiac Yoga

Heart disease continues to be one of the leading causes of hospitalization or death of men and women. Individuals who end up with heart disease usually undergo some form of quick heart disease treatment, such as a heart stent or heart bypass surgery.

The concern is that heart disease is still there and it is important to pay attention to your modifiable risk factors to live long with heart disease. This includes exercise, proper nutrition and keeping stress under control.

Heart problems tend to spike during the holiday season. The number of heart events occurring during the holiday season intrigues researchers. Heart attacks and heart problems tend to manifest themselves a little more during this time of year, from American Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Sometimes people use this time of year to overindulge and neglect the simple things required to prevent and reverse heart disease. The combination of colder weather, shorter days along with the emotional stress of the holiday season can result in a larger number of heart events.

The Heart Fit Clinic has released its Cardiac Yoga DVD program. Yoga for heart disease is essential for individuals with heart disease. Stress, which includes anxiety and depression, are very well recognized risk factors to heart disease. It is not a risk factor like blood pressure where healthcare professionals like to see it as a specific target. Stress is really not measurable; therefore, stress goes misdiagnosed many times.

The Heart Fit Clinic’s Cardiac Yoga DVD is great for patients at any stage of their disease process. Cardiac yoga at lease once or twice a week is a great to put in peoples’ routines. Keeping the mind relaxed on a daily basis is very important for optimal heart health.
Research has shown that cardiac yoga can reverse and prevent heart disease. In being healthy,it is important to also focus on your mind along with increasing range of motion through cardiac yoga. Cardiac yoga will help you keep focused and develop a positive mindset along with aiding in helping you sleep well.

Yoga for heart disease is a modified version of traditional yoga practice. The movements and practice are designed to be safe for heart patients or people who are at risk for heart disease. After a heart attack or if you are at risk of a heart attack, cardiac yoga can help patients feel relaxed and develop a positive mindset about life with heart disease. Having a positive mindset is a crucial ingredient to beating heart disease.

Cardiac yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure and control heart rates. If you have heart disease or are at risk, yoga will compliment your exercise rehabilitation program along with your heart healthy nutrition program


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