Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi

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Author Matilda A. Juliette offers readers a lighthearted work of what she calls “flirtatious fiction” in her new novel, “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi.”

Matilda A. Juliette began introspection and soul work several years ago. She fell in love with yoga during a miserable low. Her job was compromising morals, her relationship was toxic, and she didn’t like herself all that much. She felt she was on the fast track toward a mediocre life.

Matilda purchased six months of unlimited yoga at a studio and found something she didn’t realize was lost: herself. Yoga – something so simple, yet so complex – changed everything.

“I was inspired to write about yoga and sex upon understanding that once one has a yoga practice, the two themes become intimately connected,” Juliette says. “It is my hope that along with lusty entertainment that this book opens eyes to another lifestyle.”

Readers follow the adventures of main character Matilda, a yoga instructor from Colorado, as she takes on the world with her heart on her soul, not her sleeve. As she navigates her way through the dating world, she discovers universal truths on her search for true love and finds liberation through the practice of yoga.


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