Down Dog: Amazon’s satirical yoga pilot is a must-watch

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Down Dog is now live on Amazon Prime

Pilot Season for Amazon Studios is finally here, and with it is the pilot for Down Dog.

Down Dog is a satirical comedy focused around a man who has surfed through life purely on his good looks. Logan, played by Josh Casaubon, spends years drifting from one thing to another, until he realises he needs a job. And not just any job, but a job where he doesn’t have to work too hard, can make plenty of money, and won’t need an education.

Paget Brewster in Amazon's new show Down Dog

When he meets Amanda, a gorgeous yoga studio owner played by Paget Brewster, teaching yoga seems like the perfect solution.

Things seem to be going well for Logan until Amanda breaks up with him. Logan finds himself in the position of owning a yoga studio while having zero business acumen.

Josh Casaubon as Logan in Amazon's new show Down Dog

Josh Casaubon is engaging and was perfectly cast for the role of Logan. Casaubon is believable as a sexy, carefree yoga instructor, who is on the path of self-discovery, and needs to man-the-fuck-up. I couldn’t help feel empathy for Logan as he realises he isn’t qualified to run a business, but makes the bold decision to learn how.

Alysia Reiner as Gabrielle in Amazon's new show Down Dog

Alysia Reiner (Fig in Orange is the New Black) plays Gabrielle, a healer and the office manager of the yoga studio, Heart Space L.A., Yoga and Healing Arts. Reiner was an excellent choice for the role of the studio’s in-house honey badger.

The chemistry between the whole cast is outstanding, but the chemistry between Casaubon and Reiner is spectacular. In addition to having a great cast, the show was well shot. The cinematography is excellent, and the writing is clever.

Anybody who has lived in California, been part of the yoga industry, or has been part of the yoga industry in California will appreciate the subtle satire.

But, whether or not the show will receive the greenlight has yet to be seen. Watch the show, and then take Amazon’s survey to let them know what you think.

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