Embrace Miami’s thriving yoga scene

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Miami is home to toned beach bodies, great Cuban food, and awesome music. What many people don’t know is that it is also home to a thriving yoga community.

“People who live here and visit here gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle, which naturally includes yoga now,” said Dashama, who teaches yoga in Miami.

Any community can be hard to fit into, but the yoga community in Miami is younger and more welcoming to newcomers than in other cities.

Miami is home to reoccurring yoga events, “Salutation Nation and the Yoga Aid event where everyone does 108 Sun salutations to raise money and awareness for charitable organizations,” Jessica Lurie told us, resident yoga expert of Green Monkey Yoga. “Warm weather invites different events all year round – we hosted wanderlust 2011 – and Earth Day celebrations every year.”

Lurie believes the Miami yoga community is vibrant and welcoming. “I believe yoga is available to everybody here.”

“In Miami Beach, yoga is very relaxed and intense at the same time,” Dashama elaborates. “People come to get a great workout and to connect with the community. As people get more into the practice and lifestyle of yoga, they start to gravitate toward more community events and become part of the community which is a beautiful thing, as well.”

“I was mountain biking a lot and wanted to find a way to feel more open in my body. I found yoga did much more for me,” Lurie says. “Yoga has become therapeutic for my mind, as well as my body.”

There are dozens of popular styles of yoga including Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Kundalini, Viniyoga, and Jivamukti, but some styles are more prevalent than others based on where you are.

Dashama and Jessica both agree Vinyasa and Power Yoga styles have become the most popular in Miami. “People find that the flow while connecting the breath with movement brings a great release,” Jessica said. “I believe people appreciate Vinyasa and Power Yoga because they can have fun and still feel great results.”

“They [Vinyasa and Power Yoga] are fitness based and that is more of a mainstream approach to the yoga practice,” Dashama clarified. “They make you sweat, strengthen and tone your body while releasing stress, but they are more appropriate for more athletic and fit people.”

Bikram yoga, practiced in a heated room, is popular as well. “I think it works because people like to party and eat junk food sometimes, so they use yoga to balance these poor health habits,” Dashama said.

“I would say it’s a matter of confidence and coming in with what you have to offer and not just what you need from them,” Dashama continues. “This is a secret to success if a person is looking to get in with any new community or group of friends.”


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