Enhance your yoga practice with this meditative colouring book

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Shakti Colouring Book from Sounds True
Shakti is the pure feminine principle personified by the goddesses of the yoga tradition. The Shakti Coloring Book: Goddesses, Mandalas, and the Power of Sacred Geometry was created to help anyone begin to activate the transformational currents of this sacred energy in their own lives.

Creator Ekabhumi brings readers a serious yet thoroughly enjoyable spiritual practice in ink-and-paper form, including:

  • Twenty beautiful images of Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese goddesses with written descriptions and mantras of greeting
  • Twenty yantras and mandalas (mystical diagrams based on sacred geometry), one for each goddess and intended to expand and liberate consciousness
  • Dozens of pictures illustrating key principles to deepen your practice

Ekabhumi Charles Ellik is an artist, poet, and a student as well as a teacher of classical tantric hatha yoga. His diverse work includes 20 original illustrations created for Sally Kempton’s book Awakening Shakti (Sounds True, 2013).

“The information in this book,” says Ekabhumi, “is intended to help beginners get started on the spiritual path, to enrich the practice of those who have already begun their journey toward self-realization, and to help anyone enjoy these goddesses and the wisdom they hold.”

Boundless compassion. Unconditional love. Unshakable courage. These are just some of the empowering attributes you are invited to make manifest in your own life with The Shakti Coloring Book.


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