Erin Motz changed my life

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Erin Motz

I was born with a condition called dysautonomia.

This basically means my autonomic nervous system doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to. I get chest pain, migraines, and other unpleasant symptoms pretty much at random.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t go to gym class. As a teenager it got so bad that I even had heart surgery. I spent many years unable to function like a normal person. I couldn’t walk up hills. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs. Aerobic exercise? HA!

And medications didn’t work. In fact, medications actually made it worse. Needless to say, I got really fed up. I decided I wanted to do something about it. But…what?

One night on YouTube, I found Erin Motz’s yoga videos. Even though I never went to yoga, and didn’t even really know anything about yoga, I was completely hooked.

I started following Erin’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge videos, and yes…it was a challenge! When I started watching Erin’s videos, I had a hard time walking up a flight of stairs, but by the end of the yoga challenge I was feeling great! I stuck with it all thanks to Erin’s enjoyable teaching style. If she was stuffy, pretentious, and spoke in Sanskrit, I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

Now, less than a year later, I live, breathe, and work yoga. I have a greater awareness of my body now. I gave up meat and alcohol, and I went from 3 cups of coffee a day to 3 cups of coffee a week. My dysautonomia is almost completely controlled. I’ve even taken up tennis lessons.

Erin Motz is the self-proclaimed bad yogi. She makes her home in Tampa where she eats meat, and teaches vinyasa flow.

Recently, Erin launched a new site called My Yoga Pro. I was thrilled to be a supporter of the project on Kickstarter, and I waited eagerly for the site to be released. The site is currently in beta, but it is one of the sites I go to for my daily yoga fix. And as if that didn’t keep her busy enough, Erin spent 8 months developing the perfect cleanse for those of us who don’t want to sip maple-flavoured lemonade all day.

Bad Yogi

Today Erin announced the first ever Bad Yogi Instagram Challenge designed to showcase how #badyogisdoit.

This challenge will be 10 days long, and each day Erin will give you a specific theme (like where, when, or with whom). You take your bad yogi picture, upload it to Instagram, and tag the picture with #badyogisdoit. Unlike other Instagram challenges out there (which might not be accessible to beginner yogis), Erin’s Instagram Challenge is open to everybody regardless of how strong, flexible, or “advanced” you are. Erin picks the theme, but you pick the pose.

At the end of the 10 days, Erin will pick two random winners and send each winner their very own bad yogi care package. This mystery box filled with some of Erin’s favorite things and none of them are from sponsored companies who pay Erin to peddle their products. This is the stuff Erin actually uses and loves. Erin will announce each day’s theme on Instagram in the morning. Make sure to follow her (@erinmotz) to stay in the loop.

I know I’ll be participating in Erin’s Bad Yogi Instagram Challenge (@ysmaywalsh), and I hope you will be joining us too. Even if you don’t see a huge life shift (like clearing up an annoying medical problem), you have fun, and join a community of awesome yogis. I’ll see you there.


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