How Can Energy Healing Make Your Yoga Routine More Effective?

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An imbalance of energy or a point of a lack of energy flow is thought to impede both physical and mental processes in your body. When you engage in energy healing, you may find that your body and mind feel and work better. Consider these four ways in which energy healing could make your yoga routine more effective.

Learn to Let Go of What is Bothering You

With energy healing, you are able to let go of what is bothering you. When there is an issue on your mind that is causing an emotional blockage, your body will get stuck. Qigong, which is the basic type of meditation and physical exercise used in Chinese medicine, is a system that helps you to let go of things mentally so that you can then let go of things physically.

When you are able to let go of an emotional blockage, you will then be able to enjoy a more effective yoga routine. Your body will be able to do exactly what you want it to do. You will have better control over your body once you have control over your mind.

Begin to Focus on the Present Moment

Energy healing helps you to focus on the present moment. You will learn to stop thinking about mistakes you might have made in the past or regrets that you have about doing or not doing something.

A big part of energy healing is around Qi energy awareness. You take the time to feel how the energy is flowing through 12 different areas of your body. As you focus on your energy flow in the present moment, you may find the place where energy is blocked. This awareness allows you to free the block so that you can continue on with the meditative and physical components of your yoga routine.

Maintain a Balance of Energy within Your Body

Yoga is also about attaining a balance of the energy that comes into and flows through your body and the energy that leaves your body. Energy healing makes it easier for you to find that balance. Concentration is a big part of finding the right balance of energy. As you focus on a locus of trouble, you will be able to stretch that area so that the energy can flow through it better. Instead of having all of the energy get stuck at that point, it will be able to move through your body. Physically, the flow of balanced energy makes it easier for you to achieve a yoga pose and hold it for the preferred duration of time.

Strike a Balance between Being and Doing

Energy healing facilitates the balance between yin, or the energy of being, and yang, the energy of doing. Yoga also helps with attaining a balance between being, or sitting still, and doing, or moving. To find this balance, you might employ a yoga move that begins with swaying. Swaying gets your body moving and helps the stagnant energy to flow. A gentle bouncing of your feet, knees, arms and shoulders helps your body to attain a state of neutral position and energy flow. Once your energy is flowing and your body is ready, you will be able to begin awareness exercises that focus on those 12 parts of your body.

Healing and Recovery

Last of all, energy healing and energy work in general, can increase your ability to heal and recover from intense routines more fully. Learning how to remove your emotional blocks and pent up emotions, your energy can flow more naturally and thereby increase your body’s ability to knit torn muscles back together, and improve blood flow to areas that need it most. Many people don’t realize this, but energy work really does make a difference in this regard. Some practitioners of yoga aren’t as focused as they could be, and they see yoga as more of a workout instead of a cleansing process that enables one to commune with themselves and the world around them, including their personal higher power. Combining your yoga practices with subsequent sessions of energy work will allow you to get tho most out of both activities.

You can engage in energy healing every day. You may also find that you have a better balance of energy and flow of energy when you are able to practice yoga on a regular basis. By getting your mind and body in tune with one another, you can be more aware of your thoughts and organs, allowing you to feel healthier.


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