How Weed Affects Your Yoga Practice

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With the legalization of marijuana spreading through many states, weed is becoming a less taboo subject and people are introducing it into parts of their lives they never dreamed of before. One interesting combination that is starting to arise is weed and yoga.

In some states, yoga studios offer classes specifically for people who want to come high. Some people enjoy smoking a little before their own individual yoga practice. Ganja yoga provides a totally new experience that allows yogis to try their typical practice with a unique mindset.

Of course, there are some yogis who are against mixing marijuana with yoga, but supplementing yoga with special herbs and plants has been done for ages even among the first ever yogis. It can enhance the experience and bring one to new levels of consciousness and enlightenment.

Here’s what to expect if you decide to combine weed with your yoga practice.

Mental Changes

Obviously, smoking marijuana alters your state of mind. Yoga does too. Combining these two feelings is what will lead to a heightened yoga experience.

Smoking before your practice can have many different effects. For example, you may find yourself getting lost in the practice easier, pushing away other thoughts without even realizing it. You might end up feeling even more connected to yourself and to the universe. You may even have an epiphany-type feeling. Everybody reacts differently to this combination, so it can be very exciting to see how you will react.

Knowing how you react to weed is key to having a safe and effective yoga practice. If you know you will become paranoid and anxious if you go into a group of people that are high, then maybe practicing yoga this way in a class setting isn’t for you. You could instead try it in the comfort of your own home.

If weed typically mellows you out and allows you to relax, it may be the perfect supplement for your practice. Just make sure the class you are going to is a safe space and doesn’t prohibit the use of marijuana before sessions.

It’s important to start with just a small high for your first yoga practice with marijuana. This way, you can explore how your mind reacts when mixing weed and the sensations you normally feel during yoga. If you enjoy the feelings you have, you can increase how much you smoke before your practice.

Physical Changes

Physically, weed can usually help during a yoga practice. Marijuana eases aches and pains, as well as symptoms of many debilitating conditions.

Without marijuana, some people with these problems may be unable to do yoga because of their pain. However, once marijuana is added, the body is better able to perform yoga sequences. This will, in turn, help the body grow stronger and more flexible which will help the pain in the long run. In this way, combining weed with yoga can be very beneficial.

Again, it is important to know how your body reacts to marijuana and start with a very small dose. It is also vital to not push yourself too hard, especially when you are just getting started. Marijuana may lead to you to believe you can do more when in reality, that may cause injuries. Be careful when beginning to practice yoga with the help of marijuana and take it slow.

Smoking marijuana before class will probably make every sensation you normally feel during yoga feel even better. Twists will feel even more cleansing, stretches will feel even more liberating and every other pose will just feel deeper.

Some people swear they can physically feel their energetic body, in the form of chakras, while practicing high. It opens the brain to feel these parts of ourselves that are otherwise unnoticed.

You may feel like you get more out of a yoga practice that is supplemented with marijuana just because every physical sensation will be heightened.

Trying Meditation

At the end of most yoga sessions, there is a savasana when yogis lay on their mat and soak up the practice. This can also be heightened when high. Some people may find they have trouble being still for too long when high, but if you can make it work, savasana can be enlightening in this state.

Even simply sitting in hero’s pose with your eyes closed can be a totally new experience while high. Your mind will be open and free because of the marijuana, which is exactly the mindset meditation aims to achieve. Therefore, pairing this mindset with a meditation practice can take the experience to a whole new level.

Yoga is all about opening the mind and improving the body, and weed can do the same thing. It’s like a match made in heaven. Next time you are feeling inspired to change up your yoga practice, try ganja yoga for a whole new experience.


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