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How You Can Use Yoga to Balance Your Emotions

by Nov 15, 2019Yoga

How You Can Use Yoga to Balance Your Emotions 

You get stuck in traffic and show up late to a big presentation. Your negative coworker’s griping starts depressing your mood. How can you improve your outlook fast without the use of harmful substances? 

Why not give yoga a try? This ancient practice can help you balance your emotions anytime, anywhere. The next time you need to improve your attitude, take a break. Breathe deeply and perform a few poses. 

  • 1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

You thought you nailed your big work project, but your boss suggested extensive revisions. Your confidence shattered, you return to your desk with your head hung low. How can you restore your faith?

Try standing strong in mountain pose — you can sneak off to the bathroom if you feel silly. Stand with your big toes touching, and your knees slightly bent. Imagine a string lifting your head toward the ceiling. Square your shoulders and open your chest. Breathe deeply, feeling grounded and secure in the earth. Repeat until you feel your poise return. 

  • 2. Eagle Arms Pose (Garudasana)

Do you have fibromyalgia or ankylosing spondylitis? If you have any chronic pain, it can affect your mood and productivity at work. Chair yoga is one of the most highly recommended ways to manage discomfort at the office. It can help you manage stress while helping you keep good posture and feel better. 

To perform eagle arms, cross your right elbow over your left. Bring your palms together. Lean slightly forward, hollowing out your stomach and stretching your mid-back. Repeat by crossing the arms in the opposite direction. 

  • 3. Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

Are you meeting a big client for lunch? To boost confidence and improve your posture, turn to warrior pose. This asana expands your chest and draws earth energy up your legs. 

Begin by standing in mountain pose. Step back, placing your left foot at a 45-degree angle to your right. Extend your right arm straight in front of you, perpendicular to the ground. Take the left arm straight behind you. Then, bend your right knee and hold the pose for several deep breaths. Repeat on the opposite side. 

  • 4. Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)

Some days, rain pours down like a heavy gray blanket. You get stuck in a traffic jam. You spill your morning cuppa on your freshly-cleaned suit. By the time you get to your desk, you feel like crawling back into bed. 

Open your heart to life’s blessings by practicing triangle pose. Take your left leg back at a 45-degree angle as if performing a warrior pose. Tilt your left hip toward the sky and spread your arms wide. Slowly lower your right arm down your right leg. If you can reach the floor, terrific. If not, hold on to your right calf. Focus on opening your heart center. Imagine white light filling your chest, chasing away any negative emotions. 

  • 5. Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Your posterior chain consists of some of the biggest muscles in your body, and you experience pain when they get tight. If you sit during the day, your hamstrings and back muscles contract. The easiest way to release the posterior chain is through standing forward fold. 

Begin by standing in mountain pose. Spread your feet slightly to help your balance. Keeping your knees soft, try to touch your fingertips to the floor. If you can’t reach all the way, hold on to your calves. Let your head and neck relax, shaking it yes, then no. Breathe deeply. 

  • 6. Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)

Did you ride your bike to work? If so, good for you! You might notice that your quadriceps feel sore, especially if you powered up hills. 

Loosen your legs and give yourself a sense of inner balance with the dancer pose. Stand on one leg, and place your left foot in your left hand. Extend your left arm, and lean forward until you feel a stretch down the front of your legs. It’s okay if you lose your balance — laughing at yourself releases endorphins and improves your mood. 

  • 7. Seated Butterfly Pose (Badda Konasana) 

If you’ve ever watched athletes stretch, you’ve probably seen them perform seated butterfly pose. This asana loosens up your hips and can help get you in the mood for intimacy. It’s a great one to practice before squeezing between the sheets. 

Sit on a comfortable surface and bring the soles of your feet together. Place your elbows on your knees and gently press them down as you lean forward. Don’t jerk or bounce — hold a smooth, static stretch. 

  • 8. Lying Supine Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana) 

Do you suffer from lower back pain at the end of the day? Relax and de-stress with a lying supine twist. Lie flat on your back on a mat. Draw one knee into your chest and cross it over your body. 

Try to press your knee to the floor, but don’t force it. Extend your opposite arm and turn your head in the opposite direction. You can do this pose in bed to stimulate digestion before starting your day. 

  • 9. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Ease yourself into dreamland by ending your day in a corpse pose. Lie flat on your back on a comfortable surface. Let your arm and legs spread apart slightly. Turn your palms up toward the ceiling. 

Relax your jaw and inhale deeply through your nose. Exhale out your mouth. Allow your body to relax and feel supported by the earth completely. 

  • You Can Balance Your Emotions Naturally With Yoga 

The next time you need to boost your confidence or relax, turn to your mat. If you deal with anxiety and depression, studies suggest yoga can complement traditional therapy to improve symptoms. The best part — you can perform it anywhere.


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