If a double-amputee war veteran can find peace in yoga, so can you.

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This story touched my heart in a way that I don’t even have the words to express.

Staff Sergeant Dan Nevins is an Iraq War Veteran. He lost both his legs in an explosion in November 2010. As a result, Dan went through – get this – 38 surgeries. He now has two prosthetic legs. It was after his 38th surgery that things got pretty bad. He got stressed, depressed, and was struggling to keep it all together.

Until he turned to a friend. The friend, as luck would have it, is a yoga teacher, and told Dan he needed to get some yoga in his life. Although he was initially resistant to the idea, yoga has changed everything for this man. He now travels the country giving lectures and teaching yoga.

If Dan – a double amputee war veteran – can find peace and solace in yoga, so can you.


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