Innergy Corporate Yoga Offers New Franchise Opportunity

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1.4 million Canadians now do yoga.

More Canadian businesses are choosing to bring corporate yoga into their workplace as part of an ongoing wellness program, giving people an option over traditional yoga studios and fitness centers.

An ongoing wellness program is considered essential for economic stability as Canadian taxpayers are currently spending an estimated $2.8 billion annually in physician visits, hospital stays, emergency room visits, and pharmaceuticals. Burned out employees Canadian businesses an estimated $12 billion each year in health claims, lost productivity, and absenteeism. Canadian businesses are beginning to realize that something must be done about this problem.

At businesses all over Canada, employees literally roll out their yoga mats unused offices, boardrooms, or conference centers. Employees engage in sun salutations, asanas, and breathing exercises once or twice a week. Employees who participate in these on-site yoga programs say the classes have made a huge difference in their energy levels in as little as just 45 minutes a week.

“The yoga classes I attend are affordable and convenient,” says Linda Meyers a client of Innergy Corporate Yoga in Vancouver, BC. “In today’s business world, with meetings, conference calls, volume, economic concerns and general stress associated to these, having yoga at least once per week has become a bright light… We all need a little time just for ourselves and this is one way to reward yourself for a job well done!”

“Corporate Yoga is convenient, inexpensive, and a great solution for companies looking for a way to shrink the problem of workplace stress,” says Lynn Roberts, President of Innergy Corporate Yoga, a company that is leading the way in Canada for corporate yoga. Innergy has been providing onsite yoga classes to businesses since 2004. Their service includes professional management, experienced teachers and perks for clients including a rewards program. They have currently serviced over 3,000 customers in the past ten years and are growing quickly with their yoga franchise opportunity.

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