Introducing Cork Yoga Mats and Props from Yoloha

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Yoloha Yoga, spurred by the rapid success of their breakthrough cork yoga mat, unveils a brand new array of earth-conscious yoga mats and gear. The latest products include the ultra-portable Nomad mats and towels and a beautifully crafted wooden yoga wheel, all featuring Yoloha’s signature cork surface.

Cork is a material unsurpassed in sustainability and body-friendly properties. Unlike most synthetic materials used in yoga mats, cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals. Yoloha’s 100% recyclable cork products also help protect the biodiversity of cork forests. No trees are harmed in cork’s production; only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork. A nine-year cycle which has endured for thousands of years, the cork harvest is a rare example of mankind in perfect harmony with nature.

Many experienced yogis have converted to cork for its persistent non-slip properties. Cork is a closed-cell material which does not absorb water. The cells are sealed with a natural waxy substance called suberin, which gives cork a grip that increases when it gets wet – a property that yogis love when doing hot yoga. Some even take cork out in open water, using Yoloha’s cork yoga mats to stay anchored in poses during standup paddleboard yoga.

The concept for the cork yoga mat emerged when the founder and CEO of Yoloha, Chris Willey, began using cork on the decks of surfboards he created in his garage. “Cork gives you plenty of grip when wet, so we no longer had a need for surfboard wax,” claims Chris. When he found himself slipping out of a sweaty down dog on a plastic mat, his thoughts naturally flowed to cork as a solution.

Bringing the first prototype cork mats into his local studio, Chris knew he was onto something special when the teachers would grab the cork mats before any students could get their hands on them. Since then, Yoloha has grown throughout the yoga community developing a strong following with both students and teachers. “It’s been surreal, the amount of positive feedback and support we’ve gotten from everyone in such a short time. Our goal is to take that positive energy and channel it into developing new products that stay true to our roots.”

Yoloha’s new collection provides yogis with the benefits of cork in a variety of groundbreaking products:

Original Cork Yoga Mat ($119): Handmade in the USA using recyclable materials, this is the world’s first yoga mat to embrace a natural cork surface. Great for the high-performance yogi who desires a sturdy, grounded feel on any surface and optimal grip, even during the sweatiest hot yoga. The mat features the highest-quality cork padding and a heavy-duty, zero-slip support layer containing approximately 90% domestically-produced recycled rubber tires.

Nomad Cork Yoga Mat ($99): The new moderately-priced, ultra-portable performance mat merges Yoloha’s signature cork surface with supportive recyclable foam. Developed for the yogi on the go, the mat features an ultra-thin, flexible layer of cork delivers all of cork’s benefits with no limits to how tightly your mat can be rolled. Slip-resistant 4mm thick foam provides premium cushioning for an ideal balance of comfort and support. The closed-cell foam prevents moisture or bacteria from absorbing into the mat. Best of all, the mat upholds Yoloha’s eco-conscious values by using 100% recyclable materials, free of PVC, plasticizers and latex.

Nomad Cork Yoga Towel ($79): The new towels combine the amazing grip of cork with the ultra-absorbent, quick-drying properties of microfleece. Ultra-lightweight and compact, you can depend on this towel to be there wherever and whenever you need it. Great for hot yoga, the beach or anywhere else your journey may take you. When used in combination with the Nomad Cork Yoga Mat, the towel provides extra sweat absorption during hot yoga.

Cork Yoga Wheel ($119): Handcrafted in the USA, this sustainable alternative to plastic yoga wheels features a wood core with a cushioned cork exterior. The yoga wheel is the perfect prop to support and release tension in the back, shoulders and more. The cork surface aids in grip and naturally kills bacteria and odors. The cork is backed with a 4mm thick, latex-free soft foam that is easy on your back and joints. The sustainably-harvested wood core is extremely durable, light-weight and sealed with a protective non-slip coating.

The cork products are a welcome alternative to the non-eco and chemical laden yoga products on the market. Learn more at

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