Is yoga bullshit?

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Yoga. Some love it. Some hate it. Some think it’s bullshit.

Penn and Teller’s Bullshit had fun talking about yoga and tantric sex.

Bullshit is a documentary series on Showtime that is heavily sprinkled with sarcasm, and cynicism (But just because they’re cynical, doesn’t mean they’re wrong). Throughout each episode, Penn and Teller work to debunk social stigma around a number of topics ranging from profanity to NASA.

But what about yoga?

Penn and Teller didn’t devote a whole episode to yoga, which would have been interesting, but instead lumped it in with other “new age” topics.

While from several seasons ago, this episode still tends to stir up controversy among yogis everywhere, as Penn and Teller make several claims that get yogis all bent out of shape.

Watch the show, and let me know in the comments. Do you agree with Penn and Teller? Is yoga bullshit?


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