Kapha Pacifying Yoga Poses from Yogi Cameron

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Kapha Pacifying Yoga Poses

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Ayurveda is a form of traditional east Indian medicine dating back 5,000 years. Ayurveda has many positive practices that are helpful even now in our era of pill-popping.

When we choose to live an Ayurvedic lifestyle, we have the potential to strengthen our immune system, maintain homeostasis, and significantly reduce the possibilities of any unwanted side effects we might experience as a result of drugs or other unnatural regimens.

Ayurvedic practioners believe your body has three energy types called doshas, and a myriad of disturbances with our bodies can occur of these are out of balance. Lucikly, these doshas can be brought into balance, and one of those ways is through yoga.

Kapha Pacifying Yoga

Imagine if a person needed to go outside to get the paper after a long rain. They decide to simply stick their feet in their shoes halfway, with their heels pressing down on the backs of the shoes as if they are slippers. But several steps out into the yard, one of their shoes slips off. Why? Because the shoe, quite literally, has gotten stuck in the mud.

This visual of the shoe serves as analogous to those who have a lot of Kapha energy in their body. Kapha energy relates to the earth and water elements, in that it provides the body’s foundation for existing as a physical form. This grounding, containerizing energy helps us to remain stable, solid, and provide support to others. But when we add too much earth and water–when we create mud–through substances like sweets, too much vegetation through sedentary work and watching television, and an absence of physical activity as a whole, we become stuck in the mud as well. This leads to issues like obesity, respiratory congestion, and diabetes. Those with too much Kapha energy become lethargic–and it becomes harder and harder to become unstuck.

Given how a person with a lot of Kapha energy is disinclined to participate in much physical activity at all, the mud accumulates more and more. To reverse this, the following five postures create movement and heat so as to give the earthy Kapha personality opportunities to get unstuck.

These five postures promote movement over stillness, thereby allowing the moisture to burn off.

Easy Pose

Warrior 2
Boat Downward Dog Upward Facing Dog

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