Los Angeles Photographer switches gears to Yoga Shoots

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Beautiful Yoga Pose photographed by Linnea Lenkus | 42Yogis.com

Los Angeles portrait photographer, Linnea Lenkus, has been photographing the female body for over two decades. Women have trusted her for years to capture the beauty of their form with flattering poses and elegant light. When yogie sensation, Lydie Loth, came to Lenkus for a photography session featuring eco-friendly yoga clothes by Balini Sports things got a little twisted, literally.

Loth, whose yoga site @simply_lydie on Instagram has quickly grown to over ten thousand followers, was asked by Balini Sports to be professionally photographed in their yoga designed workout clothing. “I used to do a lot of commercial photography back in the day so I know what a company is looking for when it comes to highlighting their product,” the portrait photographer said.

Beautiful Scorpion Pose | 42Yogis.com

Lenkus photographed Loth in a number of yoga poses that featured the Balini Sports line along with a variety of images that embraced her signature look of elegance for which the veteran photographer is known and praised.

Chair Pose as photographed by Linnea Lenkus | 42Yogis.com

Loth was amazed at Lenkus’ ability to conduct the photography session with the highest level of professionalism and ease. “Linnea is an amazing, creative, and fun photographer to work with. I was nervous about the session and she was extremely encouraging and made me feel comfortable the entire time,” Loth said.

Lenkus felt inspired to put quotes by Buddha and Rumi on the beautiful photography of Loth on her inspirational memes, which is a part of her website.

Beautiful Yoga Pose photographed by Linnea Lenkus | 42Yogis.com

The yogie further explained that instead of asking for detailed precision and perfection Lenkus allowed her to make her own movements which revealed her true personality.

Beautiful Yoga Pose photographed by Linnea Lenkus | 42Yogis.com

“My goal with every photography session is to break down my client’s barriers and any self doubt they may have,” Lenkus explained, “Only then are you able to truly be yourself.” Miss Loth’s true self and beauty was surely revealed in the photographs Lenkus took which is a testimony to her successful career as a fine art photographer.

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