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The rumors were true! In April the 42Yogis Wellness Challenge – currently closed to the general public – is appearing in the Sapphire Soul subscription box! The 42Yogis Wellness Challenge is the framework I used to achieve my transformation, health, and wellness. The 42Yogis Wellness Challenge is designed to help you achieve the transformation you desire. The program sold out last month, but I have reopened it exclusively for Sapphire Soul subscription box subscribers.

Learn more about the soultastic subscription box in this short interview with Sapphire Soul founder Allison Dailey.

Ysmay: How did you get the idea for the box?

Allison: I really didn’t start off this whole journey with the intent on having a business. I knew I wanted freedom and flexibility, but I just wanted to feel good. I was in a funk, and ‘soulistic’ ways of living helped me get out of it. I started diving further into what interested me- crystal healing, essential oils, soul-filled, uplifting stuff. I pulled myself up and out- got motivated and reignited my creative spark again, and Sapphire Soul was born! I knew that if this ‘stuff’ helped me, it could help others too.

What’s the mission of your company?

Through Sapphire Soul, Soulistic Life, and the work I’m doing as a coach and Desire Map facilitator, I want people to connect, feel inspired, and find spiritual beauty. I’m all about connection and self-caring your body, mind and soul. My vision is to help people create abundance in their life and to bring awareness to the mini-miracles that happen every day. Change your thoughts, change your life. YOU are the magic. I suppose my mission is: To educate and inspire your body, mind and soul. One thought at a time.

How long have you been in business?

I started working on my company in late 2012/early 2013. I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School (and I’m now an ‘official’ affiliate cheerleader). I started with the blog and an online store. The subscription box just hit it’s official 1 year anniversary!

What do people love most about Sapphire Soul?

I think people are drawn to the vibe. I really try to be positive, but also keep it real. It’s not about fluff, it’s about connecting, talking about what matters, and getting to the bottom of feeling how we want to feel: and everyone wants to feel good.

This is why the Desire Map is such a perfect program and process for me to lead. I don’t try to be anything, I’m just me. And now that living in such a way (with all this soul stuff) has allowed me to be completely comfortable and unapologetic in my own skin, I think I encourage others to do so also. I want people to know that shitty stuff happens in life, but it doesn’t have to feel awful. When your body-mind-soul are connected and aligned, you can deal with anything that comes your way – and feel good about it!

Sign up for the Sapphire Soul box here and get the 42Yogis Wellness Challenge.


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