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Chakra 5

Most yoga studios are brick and mortar, so you can imagine my surprise when I met a studio owner who brings the studio to you. McKenna Rowe is the yogi behind Chakra 5 Yoga Studio in Los Angeles. McKenna started Chakra 5 in 2009, and gave us the inside scoop about mobile yoga.

Tell me a bit about Chakra 5 Yoga.

Chakra 5 is a mobile team of experienced, advanced-level yoga instructors who bring yoga classes to the workplace. We make everything very easy for HR managers by managing all the details: the instructors, the schedule, the promotional materials, the insurance, the billing….even the gear (some clients rent mats or buy them at near wholesale prices through us).

How does it work?

Clients arrange for us to come teach a 1 hour class on location and by appointment at their place of business. Some clients have a space for group classes, some opt to have our teachers guide employees through a seated “office yoga tune up” session at their desks. Some clients do 1 class a week and some do half a dozen classes per week.

Can anybody call you up and say they want to host an event, or does it have to be a company?

We work with everyone: schools, nursing homes, even private groups of friends. We work with individuals a well, but our primary focus is B2B.

Why did you opt for a mobile yoga studio instead of a brick and mortar?

I ran a physical studio throughout 2011. The cost to have a commercial space was enormous…and it is a challenge to meet everyone’s schedule needs. I figured: Instead of making people fight traffic and find parking, why not make it easy as possible and bring yoga right to them?

What is your most popular class?

We tend to encounter a lot more people who are new to yoga…so our beginner/intro to yoga class is very popular. We pride ourselves on creating a fun, welcoming atmosphere where people won’t feel self-conscious or scared. Chakra 5 also does special “wellness events” with a yoga class, live DJ and our raw chef who provides food and cooking demos…those are very fun an popular.

Why do you work with Kulae Gear?

Kulae makes fantastic quality mats and blocks that truly last and are eco-friendly as well as anti-microbial. They are a really great partner to work with with great customer service. Some of our clients have bought their gear through us to keep on hand at the office and they love it!

What’s your dream for Chakra 5?

My dream is to connect with as many businesses, schools and organizations as possible to bring them yoga classes onsite. It’s such a simple and affordable benefit HR managers can offer to employees and we can customize it to meet each client’s particular schedule and needs.

It has been so inspiring to witness how a regular yoga program improves the health, mental focus and well-being of employees. We see it happening right in front of us every day!

Chakra 5


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