Michael Franti’s Soulshine Tour is just around the corner

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I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for the amazingly awesome Soulshine tour that’s just around the corner!

Headed up by Michael Franti, each event stop on the Soulshine tour will empower the audience through yoga and music, in an unforgettable celebration.

Each day will be kicked off by yoga and an acoustic jam session with Michael Franti. The yoga practice is energetic, soulful, and will be led by some of the most inspiring yoga teachers in North America.

The yoga and jam session starts mid-afternoon, although the exact time may vary from venue to venue. The concert begins in the early evening. After yoga, you’ll be able to mingle and chat with fellow yogis.

Find a Soulshine event near you.

H/T soulshine.com. Photo by Lauren Dukoff


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